Tips on smoking and maintaining e cigarettes

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2014-06-13 12:31:30

Your cigarette's battery is an important part of the cigarette and here are ways to ensure that your battery lasts a long time. Don't overcharge the battery as this could ruin it, and never use battery chargers from a brand that's different from the one you have. Avoid dissembling the battery and look over the instructions when you need help with charging or troubleshooting the battery. 

tips on smoking ecigarettesExperiment With Different Nicotine Dosages

Electronic cigarettes do not contain tar but it consists of liquid nicotine that comes out as a vapour so when you first start smoking the cigarettes, experiment with different nicotine dosages as the cigarettes come with certain nicotine levels. It is recommended that you start off with a low nicotine dosage then progress to higher ones if you prefer more nicotine in the e liquid.


Keep Atomizer Working Properly

The atomizer is the instrument by which you inhale the e liquid inside the main cartridge and you want to keep it working properly for best success. If you have an atomizer that is separate from the other parts in the e cigarette kit, you should change atomizers every few days. Also clean the atomizer when needed and don't overheat the atomizer as you smoke.


Refilling Your Cartridge

Start by removing the cartridge from the atomizer and remove all excess dirt and other particles from the cartridge. Then you would fill the cartridge with the flavoured e liquid and close up the cartridge. Once you do this you put the atomizer on the cartridge and enjoy.


Get A Charger

If you drive a lot during the day, you should buy a car charger so that you'll always have fully charged cigarettes while on the road.



Start by removing the cartridge from the battery and then you would attach the charger to the end of the battery before plugging the charger into the wall or USB charger. Charge until the light on the charger turns red or green depending on the brand you have.



When cleaning your e cig, you want to always use a lint free cloth and never use water or liquid soap. You also need to drain your cartridge of any leftover liquid from when you smoked the past few times. Finally, clean out the oils and dirt from the cigarette cartridge with the cloth.


Ecigs are not hard to smoke when you have a basic idea of what to do from the package instructions. Choose an e-cigarette that has a rechargeable battery as this is best for those who smoke daily or weekly. Choose a variety of flavoured e liquids as these add fun to your smoking experience. Store the batteries in a place that is room temperature and when you smoke, you want to take long puffs as this makes for a pleasant smoke.

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