Common ingredients in e-liquids

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2014-06-14 12:37:00

Propylene Glycol

This is a type of mineral oil that is made from carbohydrates and yeast, and it keeps the flavours intact inside the e liquids. If the e liquids did not have propylene glycol, then the e liquids' shelf lives would not be very long.



Common Ingredients in E LiquidsVegetable Glycerin

Vegetable glycerin is an odourless liquid that is created from plant oils, soy oil and coconut oil. Some e cigarette manufacturers and e cigarette experts say that vegetable glycerin is a safe alternative to propylene glycol. If you develop a negative reaction to e cigarettes, then it could be because you don't react well to the propylene glycol and you should buy e liquids with vegetable glycerin.




Most e liquids contain flavourings and each e cigarette kit has certain ones so you want to look over the flavourings carefully before choosing a certain kit. Apple e-liquid flavouring is highly sweetened and the butterscotch generally doesn't leave a long lasting taste in your mouth after smoking. Watermelon is also an excellent flavouring for e liquid and other good flavourings include strawberry, pineapple and mint.




This is a major ingredient in nicotine and this chemical can stimulate or calm down someone when he smokes e cigarettes. If you want a stimulating effect from the nicotine while smoking the e cigarette, you would take short puffs of the cigarette but if you crave the relaxing effects of the nicotine, slow puffs are better. Some medical studies have shown that nicotine can help reduce symptoms of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases.



Tobacco Extract

You'll only find this extract in tobacco flavoured e cigarettes and this is for those who quit regular cigarettes but who like the tobacco flavour.



Cocoa Powder And Vanilla Extract

These two ingredients are found in chocolate flavoured e liquids and it gives out a sweet and pleasant taste when smoked. E liquids with these ingredients also add a great scent to the room as the vapour goes in the air.



Tips on Buying E Liquids

When buying different e liquids, it's a good idea to try a variety of flavours because they curb boredom in smoking the e cigarettes and it's fun to try different flavours overall. Only buy e liquids from trusted retailers who have a strong reputation and who sell high quality e liquids. You should also look for an e liquid that will give you a good “throat service” following a smoke because it helps you resemble the same feelings as if you were smoking a real cigarette.



The fun part about smoking e cigarettes is the many flavours of e liquids and the flavours come from the ingredients and flavourings that are used in the liquids. You want to buy e liquids in bulk at discount prices so that if you travel a lot, you'll always have some on hand. If you want to make your own flavoured e-liquids, purchase a few bottles of liquid nicotine and then infuse the liquid nicotine with flavours from your pantry.

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