What are the similarities and differences?

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2014-06-15 12:43:39

Electronic cigarettes are modern devices that operate with batteries. They look like a regular cigarette and provide satisfaction that smokers find in the regular cigarettes. The two have similarities and differences, and a smoker can use to use any of them. The choice depends one ones taste though e-cigs are viewed as classy way of smoking.

differences between ecigs and ordinary cigarettes

What are the similarities?

Electronic cigarettes and the regular ones are similar in a number of ways. Although they are considered different, both are toxic to the body. The fact that the two of them have a bit of nicotine makes them harmful to the body, especially when used for a long time. The puff or the vapour has up to 7000 different chemicals of which a lot of them are unhealthy to the user and the environment.

Despite the alleged safety of e-cigars, the concern of these chemicals has led to its usage in a number of places and countries restricted or banned. Countries like Australia, Canada, Israel and Mexico restrict on their usage in public places, just like the regular cigarette.

There are considered unfit for use in public places. Both of them cause lung cancer on prolonged use. Although the regular ones are more toxic because of the tobacco in it, continued usage of e-cigarettes experience result in diminished lung function, airway resistance and cellular changes. Eventually, they tend to be unsafe and call for a regulator.

ego ecigarette vs ordinary cigaretteWhat are the differences?

There are a lot of differences between the two types of cigars. E-cigarettes in Australia are far more economical than the ordinary ones. The fact that they reusable again and again make them a lot of people’s favourite. 

The electronic cigarettes in Australia in are easy to maintain, all you need is to recharge when the power goes down, replace a malfunctioning batter and make sure the chemical level is fine. This cigarette uses an e-liquid mixture of liquied nicotine, a solvent-propylene glycol and flavourings for a sweet taste that is burnt by the power to give the odourless fumes. However, when the level of this liquid falls or is exhausted, the cartridge can be refilled or replaced with a new one. This accounts for the economical assertion of this device. 

Smokers are at a disadvantage in those places where vaping is allowed. The fumes or vapour is odourless and can even be allowed in offices and cafes. The vapour emitted is second hand, harmless and only passive. On the other hand, the smoke emitted by a smoker is harmful, even to the passive smoker as it has a lot of chemicals and toxins.

E-cigarettes in are not regulated by any organization and can be used by anyone. The main advantage of using it is that no lighter is needed and is safe. Keep it charged to avoid disappointments when outdoors. E-cigs remain a good option for those who want to enjoy the effect of nicotine. It is easy to use and maintenance is affordable for users.

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