The component parts of an e-cig

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2014-06-23 09:43:28

Though you would be ill -advised to split an E Cigarette in two to find out its inner workings-it is not the same as opening the back of a watch and seeing what makes it tick-this is precisely what this article is about.

As might be guessed an electronic cigarette is a device with a microchip, which functions through electric power, but what else can be worked out for it?

The reason we have e-cigarettes is due to the miniaturisation of electronics. The necessary processor to work such a device has only recently come into being. From the outside the e-cig is made of aluminium-a fairly soft metal which protects the inner workings from damage, but does not feel cumbersome in the hand. The inner part of an e-ciggy consists of three parts-a lithium ion battery, a vaporisation chamber and a cartridge. You do not actually light an e cigarette as such you switch it on and that is what causes it to glow a bright red color.

Unlike a normal cigarette, it does not smoke as such. Well with some of them you switch on. Different e cigs work differently. Some have a button you can press; others work just through breathing into it, which in turn causes a sensor to turn the device on. If you stop inhaling the device turns itself off automatically. The light comes from a red LED or Light Emitting Diode. The LED has a second function. When it starts flashing, it is time to replace the battery. Of course you’d know it wasn’t working by the lack of effect too.It works by adding an atomizer (similar to an atomizer which sprays perfume, in function at least) which contains the fuel (or e-juice as it is known) as well as nicotine. Because consumers require a different type of buzz, they are cartridges contain different strengths of nicotine e-liquids, according to taste.

constructions electronic cigarette

Ions, you may remember from your Physics lessons, are atoms which create an electrical charge and can be found in all batteries. Lithium ion batteries are particularly powerful, they can last up to 14 hours without recharging. An alternative way of charging them up is through a USB charger. This may be attached to your laptop, television, whatever. It can also be charged in a usual plug socket.

Obviously if you are going somewhere without a plug socket, you will need to rely on batteries. If you use batteries, it is important to obtain for yourself a battery charger device. Depending on the device, up to 8 batteries may be recharged at any one time. Alternatively, a charging case can be purchased which fits into a USB device or car adaptor. Atomizers (which are also known as tanks), batteries, cartridges and chargers can all be bought separately, except in new E cigarettes where it is built in.

It goes to show how intricate is the design that goes into creating e-ciggies, though hopefully you would notice that they were a quality product. 

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