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2014-06-24 11:37:41

There are quite a number of smokers who are converting to the e-cigarette in Australia as well as other parts of the world. Many individuals are not very fond of the odor and smoke that is aligned with smoking an actual cigarette. These factors are duly eliminated with the conversion to the e-cigarette. From an outsider’s perspective, it is also more pleasant to be in the same room as a smoker once they have made the change.

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The absence of nicotine and the often pleasant aromas that come with the e-cig are generally the reason for the new found appreciation. Smokers and non-smokers alike are able to appreciate the various flavors that there are there to choose from. The decision to change to the e-cigarette is usually associated with the 30 flavors that come with it.

Another attraction to this option is the fact that there are different levels of nicotine; which gives a better sense of control. Cost effectiveness is something that all consumers look for when shopping around for the different options. The e-cigarette is a most cost effective replacement for the mainstream cigarette.

There are other aspects and benefits that the average smoker will consider as well before making the conversion. As a way of showing that there is respect for those that are generally around, one will opt for the e-cig as it shows the consideration of the smoker. This is an alternative that removes disturbing others with the smoke. If the constant burning of clothes is an issue that one has to contend with on a constant basis, converting to the e-cigarette gets rid of the flame factor, thus eliminating this concern.

The normal cigarette has the same amount of nicotine for all smokers, though not all smokers will require the same level and not all the time. If there is a need for a particular concentration of nicotine, which may range from 0 all the way to 100%, then cartridges may be acquired that suit the smokers’ needs.


The flavors such as cherry, vanilla, menthol, Champaign, coffee, green tea of even unflavored is an added bonus. 

Making the transition from the normal cigarette to the e-cigarette is fairly easy and may be done in stages if the concern is weaning off nicotine. If it is that a smoker would like to make the change but not immediately, they are able to get the same level of nicotine while enjoying the great taste and smells that come with the conversion then this is always an option.

While the smoker is able to enjoy the nicotine level of a cigarette that they would enjoy on a normal basis, the family and those that are around will enjoy the aroma that comes with the change. For a newcomer to the e-cig, trying different flavors and nicotine levels will help to make the decision on the best option for the individual. Converting to the e-cig is not only a great option or the comfort of the smoker and family, but gives a sense of individuality. 

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