E-cig Maintenance

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2014-06-25 21:02:40

E-cigarettes in Australia have become a much desired commodity. However, like most commodities, the e-cig will require maintenance in order to extend the life of the product. The correct maintenance methods, exercised with consistency, will help to increase the life of the individual parts. The parts which the user will need to pay attention to are the battery, the atomizer and the cartridge.

When the user receives the battery initially, it is usually pre-charged. When this initial charge life is drained, the battery will then need to be recharged. This will take an approximate three hours and will be indicated by a light that will turn green. If there is no light for signaling a full battery, then the battery should be left for a complete three hours. The connections for the battery should be kept dry. The presence of liquid on the battery will cause the atomizer and charger to decrease in connectivity. The user will then need to pull harder in order for the e-cig to work as well as there may be a short in the battery. Liquid in the battery may also cause the atomizer to overheat due to the liquid that may have leaked into it. A small cotton swab to clean the connection is most effective. If batteries seem unable to remain charged then this may suggest that it needs to be cleaned. 


Once the battery is addressed fully, the user also needs to ensure that the atomizer, besides the risk of being damaged by liquid, is adequately cleaned as well. Purified alcohol is a great option for cleaning the atomizer of the e-cig. A clean cloth or a paper towel may be used to clean the points of contact of the battery and the atomizer. The user will notice that there is increased performance if this is done on a regular basis. All remaining liquid must be cleaned from the atomizer using a dry paper towel for adequate absorption. If there is a need to pull very hard on the e-cig in order to get it to work at full effect or there is an inadequate production of vapor, then it needs to be cleaned. If the e-cig is cleaned and the problem persists, then the issue may be with the cartridge. 


The user will need to take the inside of the problematic cartridge and pull it out the mouthpiece. It will then need to be rinsed with water and pressed in order to get it dry. Return the cartridge to the mouthpiece, which has been cleaned. Two drops of hot water should be added to the cartridge in order to check it. The user will need to pull on the e-cig without inhaling for a couple minutes. The cartridge will need to be cleaned repeatedly if the test produces a brown cartridge. In some situations, the cartridge and/or battery will need to be replaced. With the proper maintenance, on a consistent basis, the individual parts of the e-cig should work with no, or minimal, problems.

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