Selecting the Best E-Cig

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2014-07-03 19:44:55

Selection Process for E-cigs



Buying an e-cigarette in Australia does require some thought. Choosing the best e-cig is not a matter of selecting one that is the most visually appealing. Furthermore, many individuals are misguided by the belief that all e-cigs are fundamentally identical. Much like traditional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes differ in style, design, durability, and quality. Taking this into consideration will play a crucial role in decidedly shaping your vaping experience.


Are You a Smoker?


The first question to ask yourself, before investing in your e-cig kit, is whether or not you are currently a smoker. If you do not currently smoke, then perhaps you should consider purchasing a disposable e-cig kit, just in case you decide that electronic cigarettes are not for you. Furthermore, if you select an e-cigarette with a shorter battery life, this will also afford you the opportunity to at least try out e-cigarettes without spending a significant amount of money. Even if you are currently a smoker, you may also choose to use disposable electronic cigarettes at first in order to determine if you will be able to make the switch.


E-cig Strength


Of course, you must also take the strength of a particular e-cigarette into strong consideration. Different e-cigarettes deliver different doses. The beauty of using an electronic cigarette is that you can actually regulate the amount of nicotine that you are consuming. This puts you in control of how much you consume and whether or not your usage increases. Not to mention, it is this very feature that makes switching from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes much easier. For example, if you are considering making the switch, you will not have to compromise your nicotine strength. You can actually stick to the strength that you have always preferred. Additionally, if you are using e-cigarettes as a tool for weaning yourself off of nicotine, you will be able to reduce your usage in precise increments, which makes it easier for your body to adapt and leaves you less vulnerable to relapses.




There are many e-liquid flavours that you can choose for your e-cigarette. Traditional cigarettes pretty much subject you to the same flavour every single time, and it is usually not an appetizing one. However, with e-cigarettes, you can select the flavour that suits your personal taste. Of course this all depends on the type of e-cigarette that you buy. If you purchase the cartridge type, you will have a more limited selection of flavours, in comparison to the e-liquid style e-cig, which can be refilled with liquid of any flavour.


E cigarettes also differ in complexity. Are you likely to be comfortable with a more complex process every time you want to refill your e-cig? Cartridge style e-cigs are the simplest models to use. These cigarettes are generally on the cheaper price range, so if you can find cartridges in flavors you like, it might not be worth the money to invest in a more complicated device. Furthermore, the on and off switches of these cigarettes enhances their overall simplicity. However, some electronic cigarettes turn off automatically once you are done vaping. 

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