Choosing the Best Nicotine Strength

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2014-07-08 12:42:51

Nicotine Strength

When a person is purchasing an e-cig in Australia for the very first time, they often begin with a starter kit. After they have purchased the starter kit, the next important consideration to be made is how strong the nicotine should be. E-cigarettes offer the added flexibility of selecting a nicotine strength. This means that you can either select cigs with little to no strength, or cigs with a high nicotine strength. It all depends on your smoking history, as well as your personal preferences. Everyone’s body produces a different reaction to nicotine. For example, even if you smoke heavily, there is a possibility that a potent nicotine level in your e-cig fluid will be uncomfortable for you. Conversely, there are many light smokers who happily consume higher levels of nicotine with no ill effects.


Finding the Right Potency

Before you settle on a particular nicotine strength, it is highly recommended that you experiment with different potencies. How is nicotine strength determined exactly? There are some brands that actually provide up to 4 nicotine strength levels. The lowest level is that which contains no nicotine at all. These cartridges allow one to simulate the experience of using a e-cigarette, without actually consuming any nicotine at all. The ultra-light nicotine level contains approximately 6 mg of nicotine, which is the lowest nicotine concentration. The light nicotine contains about 12 mg, while the full-flavored option contains about 18 mg of nicotine.


Previous Smoking Habits

The nicotine strength that you choose for your electronic cigarette will hinge slightly on your past smoking habits. For example, if you previously smoked high-quality, traditional cigarettes, then you would most likely enjoy the full flavored nicotine cartridges. However, if you previously smoked light cigarettes, then a light nicotine e-cig will do. If you never smoked, then the ultra-light may satisfy your cravings. However, there are people who previously stopped consuming nicotine, but wish to simulate the cigarette experience by using nicotine free e-cigs that merely use vapor.



It should be noted that a traditional cigarette and an electronic cigarette will not generate the same taste, as they emit different chemical compounds. In fact, there are a number of e-cigarette flavors available on the market for you to use. Some brands, for instance, offer about 10 different flavors, including peach, pina colada, coffee, peppermint, vanilla, and cherry. A single cartridge equates to about 1 and a half packs of traditional cigarettes. Of course, these e-cigs do not produce any lung-damaging smoke.


Additional Tips

In terms of selecting the right e-cig, flavor and nicotine strength are not the only issues that you should consider during the buying process. First, determine if you want a cartridge style cigarette, or if you prefer the more expensive refillable cartridge. The more expensive cartridges confer more benefits, as they are intended for long term use, and they have a more extensive battery life. But the disposable e-cigs offer a greater level of convenience for the casual user.

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