E-ciggy starter kits for beginners

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2014-07-12 11:42:28

With the vast amount of e-cigarette brands that are on the international market, it may prove difficult to buy an e-cigarette starter kit for the new comer to e-smoking. There are some brands that are not necessarily interested in helping the experience but in making money. There are some brands however that are at the top of the list when it comes to providing the very best for the novice e-cig user such as the V2 Cigs. There is one thing that a user should always bear in mind when buying a starter kit, whether or not they are simply wishing to try it on for size or they really want to continue on for a longer duration.

dragon starter kit

A starter kit should not be considered as the beginners’ package for smoking. It is not made with the intent to convert or introduce the smoker to electronic cigarettes. It is not a campaign to rid the world of traditional smokers either. There is a list of intended users that are listed in the starter kits of some of the brands. This explicitly warns that the product is not intended for the use of pregnant or lactating women, underage consumers or as a kit for smoking cessation. They do however sometimes help people in the process however, as the control of nicotine helps to wean the smoker off the substance over time. They are however not sold with this function in mind.

The starter kit is designed to get the new user into electronic smoking with the least amount of problem possible. This will eliminate the problems that they would have otherwise been faced with such as which batteries to try and which parts they need to complete their own kit. The starter kit provides the essentials and has a pre-filled cartridge that will also eliminate the need for e-liquid to be obtained. As the user becomes more accustomed to the parts and process of smoking electronic cigarettes, they will have the choice of adding more accessories as it suits their needs.

Though there are some disposable e-cigs which are offered for first timers to try. These are however often limited in regards to options and therefore a starter kit from an established e-cig company is recommended. Disposable electronic cigarettes are more geared towards those that want to just try out the new “fad”. The single use e-cigarette is more expensive to maintain if the user wishes to smoke an e-cig more than once. A really serious first timer will find that the e-cig starter kit makes the first time experience so much better and it is easier to continue with since the kit has already been purchased.

ego t starter kit for beginners 

Once the user feels that they are ready to branch out to new things, they can always upgrade to a more advanced kit and add accessories as their heart desires. The electronic cigarette starter kit is essentially used to help the transition into e-smoking and will be a better and more affordable option than buying disposables one at a time. 

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