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2014-07-14 09:55:59

Since being introduced to the international market just under a decade ago, the e-cig has grown immensely in popularity. The expectation of the users has also grown as well. The average user will expect that their device will be efficient and will work without a hitch. Though the selection of e-cigarettes in Australia is varying, there is no brand that will offer this level of perfection. Some input needs to be made by the user in order to create the very best experience possible each time they use their e-cig. There are a few tips and tricks that once adhered to, will make the vapor fuller and more consistently enjoyable.

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1. The Priming of Puffs: The automatic battery comes highly recommended if the user requires an experience that most adequately simulates the smoking of a cigarette. These will however tend to produce less vapor for every puff than when a manual battery is being used. This is due to the fact that there is a short delay between draws. By holding down the button when a manual battery is being used, the user is able to prime their puffs. A better effect can however be attained with the automatic battery by taking a couple brief primer puffs before a longer puff. 

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2. Charging the Battery: The atomizer’s resistance will generally remain consistent during usage. The battery charge will however not be so consistent and will decrease as the e-cig is being used. This will result in voltage dips. As this continues, the vapor production will also continue to dwindle as the user tries to smoke with a battery which is only partially charged. If the user is using a battery which is full and lasts for days with good amount of vapor, they will notice that this is reduced as soon as the battery life begins to go. This will also reduce the satisfaction which is usually derived. So in order for maximum satisfaction to be maintained, there has to be a consistently high capacity battery life. 

3. Starting with Low Nicotine Doses: There are several dosage offerings that come with the e-cig cartridges. There is high to none at all. Many users tend to experiment with more than just different flavors when they initially begin electronic cigarette usage. This may be a dangerous bet as they may be exposed to a higher amount of nicotine that they are used to, which may increase addiction. Start off low and increase as necessary. 

4. Experimenting with Flavors: A new user and even some of veterans should never shy away from trying different flavors. The surprise is seeing the flavors that may actually be very good. 

5. Avoid the Flooding of Atomizers and Overfilling of Cartridges: By doing this, the user is risking a leakage and a dramatic reduction in vapor production. This may be mistaken for a reduction in the performance of the atomizer which is often not the case. By removing the cartridge and flicking the battery towards to ground, excess liquid can be removed.

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