Why are fruit flavoured e-cigarettes popular?

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2014-07-24 08:12:05

The most popular flavour of e-cigarette seems to be fruit flavour. But why? There are certainly a wide variety of fruit and nut flavours available.


For some reason fruit is said to appeal to young-some fruits maybe, but not say pomegranate or fig. Or even orange guava, which I've discovered. Other fruits I've found are litchi and coconut. Probably there are fruit flavours which don’t appeal to anyone young or old-who knows if people want a blueberry flavour or a sultana flavour?

Obviously people are most up in arms about sweet or candy flavour cigarettes. But in giving them fruit flavours-things we associate with health, people are also up in arms.

A number of critics point out that young adults would be encouraged to smoke due to fruit flavoured e-cigarettes, but fruit isn't maybe the natural flavour to entice the young? Maybe it also isn't that popular as other flavours in that age group?

It should be noted of course that regular cigarettes can’t be fruit flavoured (hence the popularity of menthol cigarettes of course) Because of the ban on sweet flavours that doesn’t lead you with many flavours-ginger, coffee or tea, chocolate, malt and cream, maybe? You could have vegetable flavours, but that wouldn’t be that appetising.

Flavours, according to e-cig promoters, stop people returning to normal cigarettes. The most popular fruit flavour is cherry, which seems to be a "neutral fruit"-one that young people wouldn't necessarily chose.

31% of electronic cigarette users smoke fruit flavoured e-cigarettes.

There are obscure non-fruit flavours available such as biscotti, the Italian type of biscuit. There also seems to be "clear water" flavour, which seems a bit strange to me-what flavour does clear water have? I wouldn't like clear water flavour crisps or clear water yogurt.

There are many more strange flavours including a well known caffeine energy drink, those mints with holes and even desserts such as lemon meringue pie. There should be a flavour to suit all tastes.

Of course if you can get people to choose obscure flavours they are less likely to change brand-who else will supply them after all? The drawback for the consumer is that you may have the problem of that flavour of e-juice being sold out in an e-cigarette shop or even being discontinued if you really are the only person, or only one of a few people who smoke that flavour.

Some brands pride themselves as being organic or being a type of premium e-liquid. I'm not sure how they back this up, assuming they can.

A case in Western Australia concerned fruit flavoured e-cigarettes; it ruled that the e-cigs could not be sold in that territory. So the fact they were fruit flavoured seems purely incidental.

Maybe fruit flavours are just better than the more peculiar flavours. But then maybe e-cigarette users are creatures of habit, as it were. They don't like plain e-cigs, but they don't seem to like them more exotic either.

Whatever the truth it seems that fruit flavoured e-cigarettes (or fruit flavoured e-juice) are a growing market.


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