The Joys of Vaping

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2014-07-25 09:01:46

There has been a noticeable increase in the electronic cigarette community in the last nine years. Since its inception and further popularization, these smokeless cigarettes have been a help and joy to its users. The variety of flavours and the convenience of smoking these devices are only a couple of the benefits that may be derived from trading in the old tobacco cigarettes for the nicotine optional e-cig. Individuals will switch to or pick up the e-cigarette for a variety of reasons among which are:


The Different Flavours

Unlike the normal tobacco cigarette, the e-cig offers more options as it pertains to preferences in taste. The e-liquids that are used in e-cigs come in a variety of flavours, most of which may be combined at the users discretion for optimum satisfaction. These flavours range from fruits and desserts to the standard menthol. Many manufacturers are attempting to become more creative due to the pressure from there many competitors, all to the advantage of the user. There is always the DIY option available to users giving them the benefit of creating their own e-liquid as well as adding their own touch.

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Freedom to Vape in More Places

The disadvantage that many find with the normal cigarette is that there are a lot of restrictions on where it is appropriate to smoke them. Unlike the mainstream cigarette, the e-cigarette may be smoked indoors without inconveniencing others. Since the device releases vape instead of smoke, there will be no unpleasant odour being released. Instead, a more pleasurable scent will be released. Smokers of the e-cig can therefore smoke in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and common areas of their house regardless of whether others smoke or not without being a bother.

Ability to Smell and Taste

One of the greatest joys of vaping is that it gives the user the ability to enjoy smells and tastes that they would have otherwise not been able to enjoy with the tobacco cigarettes. Not only is the user of the e-cig enjoying a more pleasant flavour when vaping, but they are also able to enjoy the taste of other things as well. The sense of smell is also important and while the smell of the e-cig is pleasant, it is an advantage to smell other things too.


Better Body Odour
Although many enjoy having a cigarette or two a day, there is always the tell tale smell that comes along with it. Not many individuals enjoy having to walk around smelling like the average used ashtray. The electronic cigarette eliminates this undesirable odour, leaving the user smelling great at all times. The e-cig will also rid the user of all the poisonous chemicals that are derived from the standard cigarette.


The user is able to take an e-cig anywhere with them and as long as there is still battery in the device, they will always be able to vape. There is no need to worry about locating a store or running out of ‘smokes’ as this battery run device is rechargeable and readily available when needed. 

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