What makes e-cigs a better option?

2013-12-14 18:51:19

Why e-cigarettes?

There are different factors that a person considers before considering purchasing any product. In our case, buying a cigarette that has no laws regulating it (other than those of trade) may not be that easy. The e-cigarette has been received very warmly. However, there are still doubts about whether it really is the best choice of a cigarette.

Here are a number of reasons that we have to consider before deciding whether to buy the electronic cigarette or steer clear from it.


smoking cigarettesSecond-hand Smoke

One question that we ask ourselves is, since e-liquids are technically harmless, are you allowed to vape publicly? The traditional cigarette is banned from use in public areas and indoors because it exposes everyone around it to health problems. E-liquids do not expose bystanders to second hand smoke because they only produce moisture as they vaporize.



The cartomizers or clearomizers that come with most electronic cigarettes, some of which are reusable, could last as long as a pack of traditional cigarettes can. This means that, although the total cost incurred in buying the e-cig is a little more than buying a traditional cigarette, a lot of money could be saved since it lasts longer.



A heating element inside the cigarette's cartomizer is responsible for heating up the e-juice in the cartomizer during the vaping. This means that there are no fires involved in vaping. This is another advantage e-cigs have over the traditional cigarette since there are cases where fires have been started by burning traditional cigarettes.



The harmful effects associated with electronic cigarettes are not yet known. This, in any case, does not mean that they contain no carcinogenic compounds. Health experts argue that since the devices are relatively new, it would be difficult for them to come up with comprehensive evidence that they pose any health risks to users.




2013-12-17 11:48:32

My mother’s diagnosis with lung cancer jolted me to the real dangers of our smoking habit and I started looking around for ways to escape the health problems of tobacco. A friend told me about these new cute electronic things that resembled cigarettes and I asked her if I could try using hers. She declined, explaining that it was personal; that I needed to decide what my flavour was, the strength of liquid that I wanted, and so on. I was desperate so I went with the option of disposable ones before making up my mind. Menthol became my flavour and it is now 2 years since I made that first purchase. I am glad that first encounter happened for I am sure my health is now much better due to the switch to e-cigs.

2014-01-26 14:59:04

These are all things to consider. Smoking is just very unhealthy. Although there have not been enough tests yet on teh effects of e-cigs, I would still think it is safer and better than standard tobacco products. I think my favourite things are the lack of smell everywhere and the 2nd hand smoke elimination.

2014-02-13 14:04:53

They are a MILLION times better for you. I'm glad I'm converting

2014-02-14 13:15:29

Second-hand smoke is huge for me. I don't want to kill my kids.

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