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2013-12-18 10:35:31

E-cigarettes – Reasons to try them


Many people are wary of trying something new. Even switching brands of detergent is a big step for some people so switching to e-cigarettes might seem a step too far but there are many reasons why so many people are making the change. Switching to e-cigarettes is not just about the health benefits. There are many other, personal benefits to be gained too and here’s just a few to start with:


switching to e-cigsE-cigarettes are Cheaper

Smoking traditional cigarettes has become a very expensive habit. Try the maths and work out how much you’d save by switching to e-cigs; take how much you spend a day now on tobacco products and multiply that by 365 days per year. Now take that and work out how much that comes to for the past five years! Staggering isn’t it. A single electronic cigarette can last you a whole year, you just have to buy bottles of e-juice at a fraction of the cost of buying traditional cigarettes.


You can enjoy an e-cigarette anywhere

The vapour from an e-cigarette is virtually odourless and, as of yet, there are no laws prohibiting their use in some public places so you can enjoy your e-cigarette wherever you are. In an airport, in a restaurant or in a bar, no more sneaking out the back door!


Recover your sense of smell and taste

Most smokers of ordinary cigarettes don’t realise it but, over time, smoking tobacco numbs your sense of taste and smell. E-cigarettes don’t have this effect at all so, as soon as you switch; your sense of taste and smell will begin to return. You’ll notice the difference in a matter of days and start to really enjoy your food again.


Be kinder to those around you.

There’s no second hand smoke with e-cigarettes so you can enjoy them in the company of others without the fear that you harming the people around you. Second hand smoke from conventional cigarettes is harmful to others, especially children, so switching to e-cigarettes will not only be better for you but also for your family and friends.


Smell Nicer

Tobacco smokers don’t smell it themselves, but the smell of their smoking clings to their clothes, their hair and their skin leaving a stale odour that non-smokers can detect straight away. E-cigarettes don’t leave any residual odour at all so you will smell fresher and so will your home.


No Fire Hazard

Hundreds of people die every year because they fall asleep smoking but you don’t need a lighter to ignite an e-cigarette and if you drop it, it won’t catch fire so you’ll be removing a major fire hazard from your home as well as the unpleasant odour.


Not only are electronic cigarettes cleaner, safer and cheaper than conventional cigarettes they also provide a viable alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes and all the well-publicised health implications that comes with that. Virtually odourless and available in a range of pleasant tasting alternatives, your friends and family will thank you for switching and it’s kinder on your wallet too.

Katy B
2013-12-27 22:15:14

I’m so pleased I’ve got my kit now. I suppose I can understand why people have reservations at first, as it might seem like a bit of money to spend. However, I think more people would be persuaded if only they could understand how much they’re saving in the long term. That and the countless other reasons as it says here – you do recover the ability to properly taste food again. It’s pretty weird to think that cigs could make you lose that. It seems really off-putting to think of it now.

2013-12-27 22:32:54

I don’t think anyone will miss the way I used to smell – a pack a day isn’t a recipe for getting asked out on dates! I must say, not only is the taste a lot nicer, but the smell is far less offensive to other people. A definite plus point.

Yaya M
2014-02-14 13:10:05

They really are not a fire hazard, unless you use gasoline for your next flavour... :)

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