Why electronic cigarettes?

2013-12-20 12:00:16

8 reasons why e-cigarettes provide a better smoking experience

Many people choose to smoke an e-cigarette because they feel it gives them a positive experience which they enjoy. Some even say that smoking an electronic cigarette provides a better smoking experience than a traditional tobacco cigarette; this can be for a variety of reasons which includes the following:

e-s1. You can pick different styles of e-cig

All traditional tobacco cigarettes look the same; but with e-cigarettes you can choose different styles to match your personality, outfit or even the social occasion you are attending. There are lots of different styles of e-ciggy on the market today ranging from small and discrete, through to decorative and eye-catching devices which are designed to make a bold fashion statement.

2. You have the freedom to smoke anywhere

It is not necessary to make an exit outside every time you want to use your e-cigarette as there is much more freedom to smoke them. At present you can smoke in many public places including many hotels, bars and restaurants. Currently in some places is no law restricting where e-cigarettes are smoked as there is with traditional tobacco cigarettes.


3. You can save money 

If you are on a budget but still want to enjoy smoking then you will save money by switching to e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes work out to be more economical than tobacco cigarettes, as well as this when purchasing them you can shop around for the best deals or buy them in bulk, which also make them more cost effective options.

4. You can enjoy smoking

If you want to enjoy the act of smoking but without all the health related issues that are associated with traditional tobacco cigarettes then switch to e-cigarettes. Many people say they feel physically better after switching to e-cigarettes.


5. You want to join in with your peers

You may only want to smoke to make a good impression and join in with others in your peer group. For this reason an e-cig is considered to be more fashionable than a traditional tobacco cigarette.


6. You can pick a variety of different flavours
You can pick different flavours to give yourself a variety of different smoking experiences. With traditional cigarettes, flavours are limited to tobacco and menthol, however with e-cigarettes, you can choose from a wide variety of interesting flavours including chocolate, mint, coffee as well as a range of fruit flavours.


7. You can enjoy smoking without the offensive smell

You can enjoy the act of smoking without smelling awful afterwards. Traditional tobacco cigarettes create smoke which leaves an offensive odour that lingers on a smoker's breath and sticks to their clothes and hair; but e-cigarettes only create a water vapour which evaporates immediately and is odourless.


8. You can smoke whilst being kind to the environment

If you smoke traditional tobacco cigarettes then you should be aware of the negative environmental impact they cause; they produce smoke which causes pollution. The good news is that e-cigarettes are more environmentally friendly as they only produce a water vapour.



2014-01-26 03:23:53

I think what i like the best about the e-cigs versus traditional tobacco is the lack of smell.  Smoking tobacco smells really bad and it gets everywhere and really hard to get rid of. I think this is a great way for smokers who don't necessarily want to quit to make a better choice.

2014-01-31 05:09:29

if you are quitting from tobacco cigarettes, e-cigarettes are 100% worth it in every way.

2014-02-14 13:08:06


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