E-cigs option for women

2013-12-20 12:18:39

Electronic cigarette options for women


E-cigarette companies are increasingly targeting women to make the switch from tobacco to e-cigarettes. More and more women are choosing to switch to e-cigs. E-cigarettes are appealing to younger women, who are social smokers looking for a healthier and cheaper alternative to smoking. Hollywood celebrities are helping electronic cigarettes to be viewed as trendy and cool; Kate Moss, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Katherine Heigl have all been seen smoking e-cigarettes. Here we take a look at the e-cigarette styles and flavours that most women prefer.


The preferred e-cigarette design

Below are some of the things that women seem to prefer in the design of an e-cigarette:

• There are e-cigarette brands available on the market which are directly targeted at women. Most of the popular brands aimed at women have a smaller, shorter and lighter battery; it has been shown that women prefer these batteries over longer and heavier ones. However, this can mean that the battery doesn't last as long before a recharge is needed. Women also tend to prefer an automatic battery over a manual one as they find them more user friendly.

• Most e-cigarettes aimed at women consist of a simple 2 part design; this is preferred over a 3 part design as many women feel them to be more convenient and user friendly. The 2 part design consists of a battery and a cartomizer which is simply screwed together and then ready to use.

• Women prefer a slim and sleek design for their e-cigarette over one that looks like a traditional tobacco cigarette.

• Other feminine features include a variety of neon colours, bejewelled tips, different coloured diamond studs, a variety of patterns and LED lights that are available in a range of colours and designed to glow when puffed. Battery and cartridge colours and patterns are usually interchangeable allowing users to create their own e-cigarette design to match their personality or their outfit.

• Batteries and cartridges are available in a variety of different designs and colours to allow women to pick a colour to match their personality or their favourite outfit.

• Favourite cartridge flavours include mint, chocolate, tobacco and a range of fruits.



A lot of women like to view their e-cigarettes as a fashion statement and so will not hesitate to purchase a range of stylish accessories to match. Many brands of e-cigs also offer a line of matching accessories. This can include little clutch bags available in a variety of colours, enabling women to choose a colour to match their battery so they can create their own fashion statement. The clutch bags can usually hold a spare battery as well as having space for other flavours of cartridge and a charger. It is also possible to purchase a stylish bracelet with charms which can be used to carry a battery, or even an extra flavoured cartridge. It is also possible to purchase a stylish lanyard allowing women to wear their e-cigarettes around their necks.


Natalie K
2014-01-22 17:29:57

I think that's hilarious. She's essentially "humidifying this place." Great point of view, girl... plus you aren't stinking up the place either. NICE NICE NICE

hayley m
2014-02-21 17:52:12

Katherine is too cool. LOVE IT!

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