Travelling with e-cigarettes

2013-12-20 12:47:32

Travelling with your electronic cigarette

Do you regularly travel overseas on business or for pleasure? If you are a smoker of traditional tobacco cigarettes, it might be time to consider switching to e-cigarettes as these are much easier to travel with as they have far less restrictions.


e-cigaretteIt used to be common to see people lighting up their cigarettes on trains, but that was before the health risks of smoking were brought to the attention of the public; now there are lots of restrictions on where people are allowed to smoke.


E-cigarettes are restricted on airplanes but in other forms of travel they are much easier to store and are more accessible. They can make your travels easier:


• Consider taking disposable e-cigarettes on a trip away as they are more convenient

• When traveling, electronic cigarettes are more versatile; it is possible to use different batteries and accessories

• It is usually possible to smoke an e-cigarette indoors (such as in a hotel room or a public bar)

• E-cigarettes do not pose a fire hazard so there is no worry about accidentally setting anything on fire

• Car trips are better with e-cigarettes as your car won't fill up with an offensive odour and you won't be exposing family, friends or colleagues to breathing in your second hand smoke

• Consider purchasing a lanyard or a necklace for easy, hands-free access of your e-cigarette; perfect if you are on safari!

• With e-cigs, you’ll find you have more time to enjoy your trip and spend less time worrying about finding a suitable place to smoke your cigarette.


Below is a checklist of things you will need when planning a trip away. It is important to have all of these items as it can be difficult to obtain them while you are away:



Cartridges contain the flavour of the e-cigarette. You will be unlikely to find any replacement cartridges while on the road, so it is best to pack enough to last for your whole trip, plus a few extra in case you get delayed.



It is a good idea to pack 2 or more batteries for your trip as you will need one while the other is recharging, or in case one gets lost.



Don't forget to pack your charger. The charger you take will depend on your mode of travel. If you are going by car, then take a car charger and if you're staying in a hotel, bring your regular charger. If you have purchased a personal charging case which is designed to charge batteries while you are on the move, then pack that too for when you're out and about and you have no access to power.


E-cigarettes are easy to travel with, as they can be smoked in a variety of places and are not offensive to other people. Just remember to pack all the items you need!




2013-12-27 03:31:18

I’ve found this really handy. Obviously you always have to check on whatever transport you’re using to see whether you can use your kit or not, but I’ve often found that I can – without the fire hazard there’s usually no objection. It takes a little getting used to with all the parts to remember, but definitely worth it!

2013-12-29 03:19:04

I’ve had my e-ciggy kit for a few weeks now and it’s coming in really handy. When I’m away on business I don’t miss as much by disappearing for cigarette breaks throughout the day, and find I’m staying on top of things more as a result. Obviously there are lots of other benefits too!

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