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2013-12-23 23:29:03

Can Stains from E-Liquids Come Off of Fabric?

Using e-liquids has certainly become a fashion statement nowadays. With the young and old turning their attention to electronic cigarettes, it has become necessary to study the consequences of spilling e-liquids on clothes. Now this is probably not something you expected to be reading in this post. The technicalities of using e-juices can be explored by researchers. From a careless overfill or through a cigarette leak, the e-juice could spill on your clothes or any other piece of fabric. With the damage already done, it is time to learn how to fix it. With the help of detergents and a wet cloth, you can rid yourself of stains.


stains from e-liquidDealing with Stains from E-Cigarettes

The good news is that you do not have to panic in case of a spill. This is because e-liquids do not leave permanent marks. However, different e-juices consist of varying levels of strength, which means that you might have to deal with each stain through separate mechanisms. Most of the e-liquids can be washed away using a wet cloth. All you have to do is to rub the wet cloth against the spot so that the stain comes off easily. Within minutes, the stain should be gone and you can continue smoking your e-ciggy peacefully. It would not be this easy if it were a stronger liquid. You would probably have to use a detergent to get rid of it.


E-Liquids and Detergents

Some of the e-cigs use strong e-juices. This makes it hard to remove the stain from the piece of fabric. When you are met with such a situation, you can use e-liquid detergents to win the war against stains. Spray some detergent on the spot and then rub it like you would if you were using a wet cloth. Within seconds, there should be no signs of the stain left. Moreover, the detergents are also better because they also get rid of the odour. It will literally be like nothing happened.


The Dilemma of White Fabric

While e-liquids can come off of fabric, there is usually a level of compromise when it comes to using white fabric. The stains may come off, but that may compromise the actual colour of the cloth. The pure white shine is lost to the detergent that was sprayed on it. This is why you have to be extra careful when dealing with electronic cigarettes and white fabric damages. The stronger the detergent, the more colour will be lost.

Now that you know that liquids can come off of fabric, you can smoke your e-juice while dumping all your worries away. Keep your detergents in the pantry so that they could be used whenever they are needed. Carry on with vaping your e-cigarettes!


1 Comment
2013-12-29 00:06:25

It’s really no bother at all if you spill your liquids – definitely preferable to the obvious effects of ashing on yourself (not to mention the practically permanent smell of this). Even with a full on liquid spill it’s ok as long as you put your gear in the wash straight away.

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