E-cigarettes for smokers

2013-12-24 14:57:20

E-Cigarettes for smokers

For the modern smoker, the transition from traditional smoking that had so much nicotine to a similar puffing cigarette, commonly referred to as e-cigarettes, is an exciting as well as a rewarding experience. Electronic cigarettes come in various tastes and smells, all attributed to the e-juice substance which is made from different levels of nicotine, water, flavourings, as well as food grade propylene glycol.


e-cigarettes reasonsWhy electronic cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes have been embraced far and wide for so many reasons that are not just about quitting smoking. Unlike the traditional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes have no restrictions on where one can smoke and cannot smoke in some places. The main reason is that they don’t produce a sickening odour.


Saves you money

For the veteran smokers, the idea of smoking less than a pack a day was literary unheard off. With the e-cigarettes, all you need is a proper e-juice and you are good to go. An e-juice, also referred to as an e-liquid or smoke juice, is the major substance that produces the vapour in the e-cigarettes. Traditional cigarettes may require you to have a few extra bucks with you every day.


No turn off smell

The smell released from a traditional cigarette in use is a complete turn off. The scent that comes from anything that comes in contact with the smoke emanating from the traditional cigarette is unbearable! Anyone coming close to you will tell you were smoking even 20 minutes later. Disturbing, isn’t it? Well, with the e-cigs, you only get to exhale vapour that quickly evaporates, leaving you with only the smell of the e-juice that was used as a refill.


Healthier by all means

Several research studies have shown the health risks associated with traditional cigarettes. Though they do not purely eliminate the health hazards of smoking, electronic cigarettes are healthier to a greater extent. Several recorded studies have shown most e-cigarette users reported feeling better and less ”frail.” Additionally, the ingredients that make the e-cigs are more or less food additives or household products.


A better experience

Most smokers will profess their love for these types of cigarettes. Additionally, smoking could keep you from visiting some places, as people will not stand the smell. With the e-cigarettes, the different flavours made possible through the variety of e-juices available, a smoker can comfortably puff and still stay on a date. A smoker can smoke for a few minutes and still go back to the board room.

It is very important to note that without a quality e-liquid, it is almost impossible to achieve the best experience in smoking. The quality and make of an e-juice determines the taste and the vapour experience. Are you still wondering why you should move to e-cigarette smoking? We gave you the reasons. Let us know what your experience is like.


Katy B
2013-12-27 00:42:26

Another reason switching now seems like such a good idea (it took me a long time mind you)  – cheap for a start, and no more having to go and stand outside in the cold when we go somewhere. Feeling less stigmatised is good too! It’s definitely nice not to feel excluded as I would do in numerous situations.

2013-12-29 02:57:16

I know it mentions in the article that you might want to alternate at first between regular and e-cigs, but in my experience it took no time at all to completely give up the cigs – I found straight away that I was getting what I wanted from e-cigs, and was delighted to finally shift my habit.

2013-12-29 08:34:23

Definitely true on the “less frail” part mentioned here in the article. I’ve felt for years as if my fitness and energy levels have dropped off almost entirely in relation to my cigarette use. With electronic cigarettes I can definitely vouch for an improvement in the way I feel, which make sense when you consider the chemical difference, and the absence of some of the more harmful components of cigarettes.

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