The next big thing

2014-01-02 17:49:45

Why Electronic Cigarettes Are the Next Big Thing!

Many people would easily admit that the first time they saw an electronic cigarette they thought it was a marketing ploy or some form of a joke. This feeling must have changed with the subsequent sightings of the device: from a fad to a point where it becomes just another norm. This might be a good indication that electronic cigarettes are worth all the attention they get. How else would you explain a business worth $135 million?


The Flavour Cloud

The global electronic cigarettes and e-liquid market is estimated at over $750 million with an anticipated growth of 0.5% per annum in the next two decades. This steady rise is a result of the market's exposure to these devices. The growth statistics are a possible indication of an already emerging trend. Electronic cigarette manufacturing companies are banking on these impressive trends to boldly position their products in the market.


Imminent Competition

As a competitive market and one that is heralded by trend-setting products, the ability to create a game changer relies on the innovation of the companies. Some of the aspects of these devices that companies have concentrated on improving include enabling long battery lives, providing an array of flavours, and moderating the content of the liquids to best suit market demands. Companies are also going the franchise way in a bid to get a bigger share of the market while at the same time aiming for the untapped markets.




Anticipated Global Market Growth

The leaps being made in the electronic cigarette industry are undeniably impressive. More than a handful of new players join the fray with each passing day and with that comes even better devices and products for the market. It is possible that many more new companies will join the industry; there is even a possibility that a few mergers and acquisitions may occur soon. Going by the current media campaign running in Australia and Oceania, it is safe to assume that electronic cigarettes are gaining traction there as well.


As a niche product, e-cigarettes are gaining exposure and increased use with each passing day. It is a battery-operated, pleasure-inducing product you want to watch keenly. The Australian market is one lucky lot as more information is being availed; with this, the market will be in a position to decide whether to wholly embrace the benefits of this technology.



2014-01-04 09:58:26

As for vaping – it actually tastes better than you might think, let’s face it – who really likes the taste or smell of ciggies? It’s only the addicted part of your brain that tricks you into thinking you’re enjoying them – yuck! I say anything that gives people a viable alternative to smoking deserves a shot. Works for me.

Tony S
2014-01-04 10:12:25

I tried this recently – it’s really not half bad. Obviously it’s at an early stage, and no doubt the y’ll be trying to perfect the technology in the years ahead, but I’d be amazed if most smokers wouldn’t prefer to get their nicotine through these devices in the long term. It’s just a matter of giving it a try.

2014-01-05 09:43:30

I’m actually surprised that they’re only forecasting a 0.5 per annum growth rate. Having tried cigarettes, and e-cigarettes it seems clear to me at least which will endure in the long term. The real question is at what point we finally stop seeing tobacco products in the shops. I for one hope it’s in my lifetime.

Schlep May
2014-02-21 17:45:37

$750 million in growth? I like this idea... I need to invest in the flavour market.

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