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2013-12-09 22:15:40

Can e-cigarettes be used in no-smoking areas?

The differences between electronic cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes are becoming increasingly clear to members of the community. As more and more questions get answered about these devices, other questions emerge to replace the question that has just been answered.

smoking everywhereThis question should be welcomed as it is an indicator that people would like to understand better this new innovation that has come onto the market. Questions show a level of positivity, otherwise one who is negative will not bother to ask about something; they will simply reject and fight it without giving it a chance to state its case.

The question we shall address ourselves to is one that has come up so many times; are electronic cigarettes so different from ordinary cigarettes? Also, can they be vaped in areas marked as no smoking zones?

The quick answer is yes and no. Confusing? There is no straight answer to this question as there are many factors involved in whether it is okay to pull out your e-cig or not. The following are some of those factors.

What does the owner of the premises say?

Property owners have a huge say regarding whether it is acceptable to use an electronic cigarette on the premises or whether it is unacceptable. This therefore means there will be places where cigarettes, whether electronic or tobacco, will not be allowed. It also means that there will be places where e-cigs are permitted but not tobacco cigarettes. You just have to be keen to find out what that particular property owner says about e-cigs.

Does your e-ciggy look like an ordinary cigarette?

If your electronic cigarette resembles an ordinary cigarette, chances are high that you will be barred from using it in places that are designated as no-smoking areas. At the very least, you will be asked and you will have to explain that it is not a cigarette that burns or leaves ash and an offensive smell before you will be left alone.

Those that have e-cigs that look like other objects such as pens will find it easier to vape from almost any place, but there is no guarantee.

E-cigarettes are still new so it is not easy to authoritatively say you can use them in all no-smoking areas or that you can use them in particular ones as opposed to others. Matters are still subjectively handled but as more and more people become knowledgeable about them, it will get easier to use them almost anywhere since they are safer as a result of having no flame or leaving smells and residues. In the meantime, try to follow any rules set and where there are no clear-cut rules, use your good judgment to decide what is appropriate in that particular situation.



2013-12-17 11:39:51

It also means that there will be places where e-cigs are permitted but not tobacco cigarettes.” 

Right. I haven’t had problems with this particular issue, but it is important to be aware of how establishments view the use of e-cigarettes.

2013-12-17 21:46:54

I agree.  Establishments may perceive it as you taking advantage of a loop hole, and other patrons may not like being around what appears to be smoke.

2014-01-12 08:31:06

It’s made my whole day more convenient for me – making the switch to e-cigs that is. I can smoke in the car, even with other people because they won’t mind, and when I get to work I can enjoy it at my desk without having to go and stand in the designated smoking  area. I can’t understand why everyone isn’t doing it!

Carrie Marie
2014-01-22 17:34:17

I've been kicked out of an area for using my ecig at a restaurant, but every place has its own policies... I guess. DO NOT AGREE.

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