Types of e-cigarettes

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2014-01-05 15:46:41

Types of Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes have taken centre stage since their introduction in 2003, or reintroduction depending on your school of thought. For the general public, many non-smokers have no idea what these innovative devices are. Essentially, electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes as they are commonly known, are battery-powered devices that vaporize e-liquids or smoke juices to produce smoke. They are meant to simulate smoking. There are three main types of e-cigarettes with the major difference being in how they operate. These are refillable, disposable, and voltage-variable cigarettes.

e-cigs - typesRefillable Electronic Cigarettes

These are the most preferred; any smoker out to enjoy smoke juices for the long haul should try them. They are made to allow cartridge refilling with e-liquids easily. This type of e-cigarette is beautiful in that it offers a long battery life and allows a smoker to try many flavours. The other express benefits of refillable electronic cigarettes are the ease with which they work, plus they produce a lot more vapour. Most manufacturers will give you two cigarettes with each starter kit so when you are recharging there is a spare to smoke.

Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

These are the most common of all e-cigarettes. They look a lot like your usual cigarettes and have a glowing light-emitting diode (LED) in the tip. Essentially, they are made to be disposed after a single use but some can be recharged and the cartridge can be replaced. This type of e-cigarette is the best for someone looking to make a transition to e-juices, as it is very straightforward. It however has a very short battery life and provides less vapour compared to other electronic cigarettes. The cartridges also require replacement a lot more often.

The Variable-Voltage Electronic Cigarettes

These are meant for the most advanced smoker looking for all the possible perks of indulging in vapour smoking. They have an extended battery life that makes vapour smoking really convenient. They are made to provide great performance, and they have very solid construction so you can count on them lasting long. Many electronic cigarettes in this category have advanced functions, making it easy for a smoker to fully customize the device. On the downside, they can be relatively costly to procure. They are only operated manually, which is tricky considering they have batteries that require very delicate care.

Smoking electronic cigarettes is getting more and more accepted with each passing day. If you want to join the rush and enjoy some vapour, then you have good info here to set you in the right direction.



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2014-02-21 17:44:30

I worry about keeping this plugged in all day and letting it take all my power away. Weird?

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