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2014-01-05 16:25:59

Electronic Cigarettes: Easy to Carry Around on the Go

Many of us are so busy in our lives and on the go that it's hard to stay organized in addition to grabbing everything we need. Electronic cigarettes are now part of the daily routine for many people who have taken a liking to vaporizing with electronic cigarettes. They've been a huge hit ever since their debut on the market, and their popularity and diversity have only grown since then. One of the best things about using electronic cigarettes is how convenient they are. With packs that are just like regular cigarette packs, you can house all your supplies needed to vaporize with your electronic cigarette and be out the door. The pack even charges your electronic cigarette, so you don't have to worry about it running out of power.

e-cigarette case - necklace

Try Out the Flavours for Electronic Cigarettes

Flavour cartridges for electronic cigarettes make vaporizing easy and always delicious. There are so many great flavours for electronic cigarettes to try out. See which one is your favourite from among traditional flavours like menthol, pipe tobacco, vanilla, chocolate, cherry, raspberry, and more. Or try a dessert flavour e-liquid like Apple Pie a La Mode, Boston Cream Pie, Hot Fudge Sundae, and more. There are also exotic fruit flavours like pina colada, mojito, strawberry daiquiri, guava, and more. There are so many exciting flavours to try that you'll have a hard time choosing just one when you're shopping for your cartridge refill.


Convenient and Compact E-Cigarette Packs Make Vaporizing a Breeze

The hard pack that comes with electronic cigarettes makes carrying around all the gear you need for vaporizing a breeze. Simply pack the cartridges you want to use for your electronic cigarette in the hard pack along with your cigarette. If your cigarette needs to charge, it can charge up in the wireless battery pack built into the hard case. Its small body and compact case protect your electronic cigarettes and gear and keep them nice and tidy all in one place. It's easy to find in a pocket or in a purse and comes in different colours. You'll never have to worry about the pieces you need being scattered all over the place. The hard pack groups everything together so that you have everything right at your fingertips, ready to go. Enjoy vaporizing with your electronic cigarettes the easy way with the convenient set up. Using electronic cigarettes is enjoyable and fits right in with your busy lifestyle for the ultimate in accessibility and style.




Tony S
2014-01-09 08:56:11

Glad I’ve started using these - It’s much more convenient not having to bother with the ashtray, not to mention all the smoke. It not only feels a lot better for me, but obviously it’s also a lot kinder on the people around me – a real win/win situation I’m sure you’ll agree!

2014-01-22 17:25:46

I wear mine with a lanyard necklace. It's great to help me curve my EXTREME cravings. I wish I weren't so dependant on it all.

2014-02-21 17:49:47

You have to keep the lids on your liquids.... or they will dry out.

2014-03-30 01:49:37

I always carry mine in the kit it brought with a case, on my pocket. Or usually when I'm at work I put only the e-cig on my pen pocket.

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