Commuting by car with e-cigarettes

2014-01-09 08:53:44

If you commute by car to work and you smoke tobacco cigarettes, you should consider switching to e-cigarettes if you haven't already done so. Smoking e-cigarettes in the car while commuting is more convenient than smoking tobacco cigarettes.


The problems with smoking tobacco cigarettes in the car

Smokers of tobacco cigarettes will be well aware of the issues associated with smoking when travelling by car. The biggest issue is the fact that that smoking whilst driving causes a distraction which could lead to an accident. As well as this there is the potential danger of burning your car seats, the issue about the best place to dispose of cigarette ash an butts and the offensive smell than lingers well after you've finished your cigarette.


ecigs in carsOther problems arise if work colleagues need to travel with you; especially if they are non smokers. Non smokers will probably not agree with you smoking in the car while travelling with them for the reasons above, as well as the potential dangers to their health when passive smoking.


Why e-cigarettes are a better choice when commuting to work

There are a number of reasons why it is better to opt for e-cigarettes over tobacco cigarettes when commuting by car:


  • E-cigarettes do not produce any waste such as ash or cigarette butts; there is therefore no need to worry about the best place to dispose of it. In fact, e-cigarettes do not produce any toxic waste so there isn't even a need for a car ashtray.
  • Electronic cigarettes do not produce any smoke so there is no offensive smell to linger on car seats as well as clothes and hair. This means that you can use e-cigarettes in your car and you, your passengers and your car will smell as fresh as when you started your journey.
  • E-cigies do not contain an open source of heat so the risk of burning and damaging your car upholstery, your clothes or even yourself is eliminated.
  • As e-cigs do not produce any smoke, there are no risks to those who car share with you when it comes to the dangers of passive smoking.


E-cigarette accessories when commuting by car

It is important to have the right accessories when using e-cigarettes and commuting by car. As you are on the move and not close to any electric sockets, it is a good idea to invest in a car charger as this will enable you to charge e-cigarette batteries directly from your car. Another method of charging batteries while commuting is a Personal Charging Case; this unit is very convenient as it is able to charge the batteries as it holds them so there is no need to rely on any other power source.


It is now possible to enjoy electronic cigarettes while commuting to work in your car. E-cigarettes are better than tobacco cigarettes as they allow you to enjoy smoking in your car, but without any of the mess and stress associated with tobacco cigarettes.





2014-01-12 08:28:30

As it says in the article – they’re definitely far more convenient, and loads better for your passenger too (if you have any).  Where do I begin? No ash, no smoke, no danger of burning anything (yourself usually if you’re anything like me). Looks like I’ve found a new and better way to relax and enjoy a safer smoke on the way to work.

2014-02-21 17:37:50

I don't like smoking in the car much at all. Distracted driving.

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