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2014-01-10 18:03:33

Useful Tips on Choosing Electronic Cigarettes

Despite being around for a relatively short period of time, electronic cigarettes have quickly gained popularity and are becoming the preferred choice of cigarette by many smokers. These types of cigarettes can be used in many places where traditional cigarettes cannot (or are banned), and there are so many brands of electronic cigarettes on the market, so you’re sure to find one that suits your preferences. All you need to do is consider several factors before choosing an e-cig.


How to Choose the Best Electronic Cigarettes

1. Look for a Durable, Quality Battery

The lifeblood of electronic cigarettes are their batteries; they are what keeps you vaping. So, make sure that your cigarette of choice has a battery that’s powerful enough to operate through a day of smoking – or at least 300 puffs' worth. In addition, ensure that the battery is strong and durable as you’ll likely be keeping it in the pocket and it will therefore be taking several bumps in the course of the day.


2. Consider Smoke Volume

One of the small pleasures of smoking a cigarette is watching the vapour escape your lips and form a cloud. In fact, many smokers prefer a large smoke volume. However, not all e-cigarettes are made equal in this aspect. Try to read a few reviews and even watch a video to ensure that your e-cig has your preferred smoke volume output.


3. Look for Multiple Charging Options

For electronic cigarettes to work, the batteries need to be well charged. If you choose an e-cigarette kit that only comes with a USB charger, you’ll be unable to use your e-cig when the battery runs out of power and you’re nowhere near your computer to charge it. Get a kit that provides several charging options –preferably USB charge, a car adapter, and a wall adapter. This way you can be able to charge your battery anywhere when necessary.


4. What is Your Preferred Flavour?

Taste is very important when it comes to choosing a brand of cigarettes, and this is not different with electronic cigarettes. Generally, the liquid inside e-cigarette cartridges (known as e-liquid) comes in a unique formula that most smokers may not be familiar with, so you may want to experiment with several flavours before deciding on one. Try out a number of the many varieties of e-liquid flavours out there, including tobacco, menthol, fruit flavours, coffee, and chocolate. If you’re not satisfied with what a certain brand is offering, look for other flavour options.

Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes

Due to the up-and-coming development of electronic cigarettes, smokers now have a new alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes. They are no longer bounded by the constraints of tobacco cigarettes and can enjoy the benefits that electronic cigarettes bring.


your ecigDifferent Flavours

There are limited flavours for traditional cigarettes. With electronic cigarettes, the possibilities are endless with the invention of new flavours. One can choose among a wide variety of flavours that include quirky flavours like cherry and pina colada. It is impossible to get bored of the large variety of options that comes with electronic cigarettes.


No Smell

Electronic cigarette users exhale water vapour from the device whereas traditional tobacco cigarettes create smoke with an odour. By using electronic cigarettes, one gets the same satisfaction that a traditional cigarette provides but without the offensive smell. The odour from cigarette smoke can cling on to anything it comes in contact with. The smell is especially noticeable to non-smokers. The huge advantage of odourless electronic cigarettes is that they make it possible for users to smoke in more places. Some countries allow the use of electronic cigarettes in indoor places as they emit vapour instead of smoke and tar. There is no longer a need for your family members and loved ones to suffer the problem of breathing in second-hand smoke.


Cost Effective

It can be very costly to smoke traditional tobacco cigarettes. This is especially so if you are a heavy smoker. As the electronic cigarettes have refills for e-liquids, they generally cost less than a normal pack of cigarettes. It is ideal for the budget conscious consumer as it translates to huge savings in the long run.



With the proliferation and rising popularity of electronic cigarettes, they can be found at convenience stores, gas stations, and retailers. For the convenience of the new age savvy shopper, they can also be purchased online. There are even portable chargers for electronic cigarettes so that you can charge your device on your way out to town.



An open flame is needed to light up traditional cigarettes and this could pose potential serious fire hazards to the smoker. You will not need an open flame to start using the electronic cigarettes. Therefore, this helps to ensure the safety of the users. If you are searching for a cost effective, safe, and unique way to smoke, consider trying out electronic cigarettes.



2014-01-22 13:58:10

Thanks for writing these great tips.  I went to my local mall and just bought a cheap e-cig, the person that sold it to me didnt really know much about them, when I came home i realized that they are much different then regualr cigarettes, I'm so glad I found this blog, its very useful and straight forward.

Paige Culve
2014-01-23 08:56:49

If I do buy an e-cigarette from your site in the future, I will probably buy the most expensive one solely because I like durability within my products instead of them breaking in the 1st month of use. I have also heard of people who have died from an e-cigarette exploding in there mouth, but I'm sure that this will not happen with your products :)

2014-02-16 06:49:32

I LOVE the fact that I can charge my device anywhere. Versatility is great. 


2014-02-19 16:22:16

You have TOO MANY flavour options if you ask me, but I guess it's good to have something to accommodate to EVERYONE's tastess.

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