The history of e-cigs

2014-01-10 18:14:03

The History of Electronic Cigarettes

Despite being the perfect picture of modernism and representing the road every smoker would want to take in the future, electronic cigarettes are actually much older than they appear. Herbert Gilbert applied for and acquired a patent for e-cigarettes back in 1963. His invention featured all the benefits these devices provide today: convenience, and a healthy alternative that is cost effective as well.


The Challenge

Despite Gilbert developing a cheaper and better option than traditional cigarettes, his efforts did not amount to much because traditional cigarettes were so commonplace and generally accepted that nobody was really looking forward to usurping the status quo. It was difficult selling Herbert’s idea because back then cigarette smoking was accepted literally everywhere: in airplanes, lecture halls, and restaurants among many other places. His attempts to partner with the industry to produce the electronic cigarettes for commercial purposes did not amount to much and his ideas fizzled.


Exit Herbert and Enter Oriental Innovation

Some 40 years later and with increased sensitivity to others as well as the realities of health, the idea of electronic cigarettes arose once more. This time it was Han Lik’s chance to bring this innovative device to the limelight. This Chinese pharmacist set on his quest to offer smokers a way to get the thrill of smoking by inhaling vapour instead of the deadly tobacco smoke. Han’s invention was taken almost immediately by the industry and his employer who aptly changed their name to Ruyan (which translates to "like smoke") commercialized electronic cigarettes.


And then the Imminent Spread

Because of Han’s monumental success, it was only a matter of time before his efforts were replicated elsewhere. Europe was the likely candidate for this advancement; their smoking habits were well grounded and legendary. Electronic cigarettes manufactured for commercial purposes then moved to Europe and later to America in 2007.


The Controversy

The universal acceptance did come with a string of debates looking into the safety of electronic cigarettes. The successes noted in a cross section of markets however boosted the devices’ credibility and led to increased production. Further tests did prove them generally safe, but because of the steam that had begun, they were banned in many jurisdictions (specialy nicotine liquids).

A lot still hangs in the balance, at least legally, but production and sale of electronic cigarettes continue unabated. And with this increased acceptance, they will continue making history in the coming years.


Electronic Cigarettes: Vaporize and Try the Many Flavors

Electronic cigarettes are a great way to vaporize and enjoy a variety of new and exciting flavours. Electronic cigarettes have been popular ever since they exploded onto the market. Users like the smooth mouth feel and experience of the vapour combined with the delicate, exotic flavours as well as the fact that they can vaporize using their electronic cigarettes anywhere they please. With e-cigs, you don't have to worry that you're missing out on the fun. These slim, compact vaporizing units are portable and easy to carry, so you have it with you for any situation without any fuss.


Types of E-Liquid Flavours

The cartridges for electronic cigarettes contain e-liquids, which is where all the flavour is. These cartridges come in a myriad of interesting flavours that are fun to order and try out one by one to find your favourite. It's difficult to pick a front runner because they are all very good! There's bound to be one or more e-liquids that tickle your taste buds. From traditional flavoured, dessert flavoured, and alcohol flavoured e-liquids to fruit flavoured e-liquids, there are endless flavours to choose from! Try a banana split, apple pie, or crème brulee flavoured e-liquids to get that sweet dessert inspired taste. Or try a strawberry daiquiri or pina colada or even a peach schnapps e-liquids cartridge. There are so many food inspired tastes that you'll find yourself enjoying the smooth flavour while forgetting you're vaporizing an electronic cigarette!


New and Traditional Flavours Keep Vaporizing Interesting

Vaporizing using electronic cigarettes can get stale if you vaporize the same flavour all the time. Classic flavours like vanilla, chocolate, java, strawberry, mint, menthol, classic tobacco, and peach make up some of the classic e-liquid flavour cartridges that you can try. Best of all, these cartridges are all perfectly easy to use and switch out. Simply unscrew the previous flavour cartridge you were using and screw on the flavour cartridge you want to try onto your electronic cigarettes. Then lift the electronic cigarette up to your lips and inhale. The new flavour will come through and you'll exhale delicious tasting flavoured vapour out.

There are so many great flavours that you can try. A classic vanilla is fine for those preferring a more traditional flavour, while you can even enjoy your breakfast tea in e-liquids form. Try flavours like lemon meringue pie or strawberry banana. There are so many great flavours for electronic cigarettes, you'll want to try more until you've tried them all.




2014-01-12 09:29:22

I didn’t realise there was so much history with the e-cigarette, It seems like they’ve just appeared overnight! I suppose this is more to do with the effectiveness of the marketing, but it’s impossible to dismiss the quality of these products, and all the great work that’s gone into designing a cleaner alternative to cigarettes.

2014-01-12 17:20:35

Interesting story! I thought that they come from USA:)

2014-01-13 09:22:50

It’s a shame that these didn’t take off sooner. I think perhaps they could’ve done if the data had been there forty years ago detailing the link between cigarette carcinogens and a number of horrible incurable diseases. Now that people have cottoned on to how much better these are, you can see them overtaking cigarettes, possibly inside the next couple of years.

2014-01-22 13:41:49

Wow great information and thank God for Herbert Gilbert! He started something that will help prevent so many health issues and save people money. I also did not know that e-cigs come in different flavours, I am going to purchase vanilla. Great article!


Xiang Lu
2014-01-23 08:55:08

Great information! I never knew any of this before today! Herbert Gilbert is someone that should be looked back on royally!

2014-01-23 15:16:06

I think menthol is the best flavour. It's just like a menthol ciggy for real. love it so much

2014-01-27 16:43:45

All the way back to the 60's? I didn't realize that! I guess the timing wasn't right as they really seemed to enjoy smoking a lot back then. Now ddays, it makes sense to switch to the e-cigs knowing what we know now.

2014-02-16 06:48:06

I'm amazed that these have existed since the 60's. Why aren't they a bigger deal today?

Kim K
2014-02-19 16:22:57

I don't understand how something as good as the ecig could ever be controversial

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