E-smoker on a budget

2014-01-11 12:58:51

Is it possible to be an e-smoker on a budget?

Anyone who has ever smoked will understand just how much of an expensive habit it is. This is one of the reasons why more and more people are making the decision to switch over to e-cigarettes. When they first make the switch to e-cigarettes, many people don't want to spend out a large sum of money on expensive cigarettes and accessories that they can't afford. Here we take a look at the various ways it is possible to be an e-smoker when you are on a budget:


Opt for reusable e-cigarettes over disposables

It is more economical to opt for reusable e-cigarettes over disposables. Reusable e-cigarettes will save you more money in the long term even though they are initially more expensive to buy. Reusable electronic cigarettes are designed to be used over and over again, with only minor parts that are cheaper than tobacco cigarettes needing to be replaced.


save audShop around for a starter kit

Many people consider starter kits to be expensive as they require more money to be spent initially; however it is important to be aware that savings can be made over time by purchasing one of these kits. E-cigarette starter kits contain all the products needed for an extended period of time and this usually works out much cheaper than purchasing items separately. The average starter kit will contain 1 or 2 batteries, 1 or 2 chargers and a number of cartridges. It is also possible to purchase smaller starter kits that are cheaper but contain fewer items.


Be aware of the cost of cartridges

Cartridges are designed to last a while but they do need replacing regularly depending on how much you use your e-cigarette. An average cartridge will last between 1.5-2 packets of traditional tobacco cigarettes. Cartridges are sold in different sized packs and generally the more you purchase, the more money you will save.


When it comes to choosing which e-cigs is best for you, bear in mind that there are lots of choices for budget conscious e-smokers. In our opinion, the most sensible choice for those on a budget, is a reliable and reusable e-cigarette as one of these is designed to last months and even years; however, this does mean spending more money to start with. The good news is that the savings made when switching from traditional tobacco cigarettes to e-ciggies soon add up and outweigh these initial costs.


2014-01-14 10:08:59

From my point of view it’s better to have people not popping out for numerous cig breaks in the work day – plus the obvious health benefits.

2014-01-22 13:37:01

These are great ways to save money on e-cigs. I took your advice and bought a good starter kit, mine came with 2 batteries and 4 cartrigdes, it was very affordable and I plan to take care of it. I live in Sydney, one pack of cigarettes is over $10, so by using e-cigarettes i will save hundreds of dollars a year!

Joel N.
2014-01-23 08:29:02

The idea of smoking whether normal or electronic on a budget is kind of funny. Packs of cigarettes have skyrocketed. I think using an e-cig over time will still be cheaper. I like the idea of the starter kit.

2014-01-23 08:53:03

It is expensive, but I think that if you use your e-cig within moderation, that cartidges will be much less than the cost of the pack you need for that day.

Catherine Mosley
2014-01-23 15:15:03

Starter kits aren't bad, and really it won't take much for you to get started... maybe $60 to $100.

2014-01-27 16:40:17

I don't think e-cigs are very expensive at all when compared to someone who normally smokes 1 or 2 packs a day of regular cigarettes. It costs more to start with the e-cigs, but after that intial investment, the prices are comparably cheap.

Tabitha Miller
2014-02-16 06:50:27

You can smoke on a budget, but just like with most products like this, it's best to use them in moderation.

2014-02-19 16:23:49

I've saved about $20 a month. Every bit counts.

2014-03-30 01:36:30

I saved a lot. More than 100$ a month.

I used to smoke 2 packs per day if I didn't go to sleep early. I have found sleeping more profitable than going to work.


But with e-cigarettes, this is awesome.

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