Cleaning battery

2014-02-08 16:38:28

Simple Steps on How to Clean the Battery for Electronic Cigarettes

Have you ever taken your time and checked the battery of your car? Those who have mostly observed a "white gunk" around it. The e-cigarette’s battery also behaves the same way. Many disposed pieces of these batteries often develop "white gunk" called corrosion. Because the electronic cigarettes battery behaves similarly to other batteries, they also develop corrosion on the contact parts. The corrosion affects the battery’s performance by reducing its vaping experience due to little combustion of the e-liquid in the cigarette. However, this should not worry you. Cleaning the corrosion restores the e-cig in its brand new state. All you need for cleaning is a cotton wool swab dipped in alcohol.

e-cigarette batteryClearing this corrosion will really rejuvenate both the vaping and the smoking experience. Follow the steps below to clear the corrosion.

1. Check the battery’s threads and find out where the corrosion is. It’s advisable to use sufficient light while doing this for thoroughness.

2. Dip the cotton wool in a glass of alcohol but ensure that the wool is not dripping wet. Dripping cotton wool could fall on other parts of the e-ciggy and later ruin their functionality.

3. Gently swirl the cotton wool in between the threads of the battery. This is meant to break all the corrosion deposits as well as moisten them. Repeat this step severally times until all the corrosive materials are removed thoroughly.

4. Put the battery for the e-cig in a dry place and leave it to dry. After it’s fully dried, it can be reinstalled back to the cartridge.

5. Reassemble all the parts of the e-ciggy and test whether the vaping experience has improved.

This cleaning routine should be performed every three weeks. Many batteries of e-cigs always have a corrosion problem, but smokers don’t actually know how to solve it. Use the above tips to rejuvenate your electronic cigarette’s smoking experience.



Sandra Franks
2014-02-11 17:40:00

Buying alcohol to clean it off costs hardly a thing but does the job real well. LOVE it.

2014-02-16 06:11:12

I let mine dry for half a day at least. I'd rather have it be real dry than not at all.

Shelley H
2014-02-19 14:43:00

You have to maintain your ecig to make it last a real long time. It's all about returning on your investment.

2014-02-21 17:28:34

Great suggestions on cleaning my ecig. It's so easy to forget the easy stuff.

Anne Feurt
2014-03-30 01:30:18

My battery is not like that. Hum

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