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2014-03-07 20:28:38

Has The Obsession With Numbers Infiltrated The Vaping Community?

There is something with numbers that just cannot go away, yet they attract love and hate in equal measure. Think back to the time when you were still in school; was math one of your favourites? If it was, then you are one of the lucky few!

Now take a look at the contemporary world. People are obsessed about numbers. They count how many calories they consume in their food. They keep a close watch over their waist size. They know, to the gram, how much they weigh. Numbers, numbers and more numbers!

And In The Vaping World?

Users of electronic cigarettes seem to have also taken up the obsession with numbers. This is not surprising since they are derived from the broader society that has been hung up on numbers for a very long time.

Actually, vapers may, not surprisingly, be some of the most serious trackers of numbers on matters like their food, body weight, etc.

What Numbers Are Vapers Beginning To Fret About?

Most were smokers and knew a general number of tobacco cigarettes that they used to smoke on any given day. That “keeping count” has not gone away now that they have made the switch to electronic cigarettes. They now want to know how many “cigarettes” are in the e-liquid they consume on a daily basis.

Vapers also want to know how many times they can recharge their batteries before they need to be replaced.

In short, there seems to be a hunger to reduce every aspect of vaping to a number, an exact number.

What Could Be The Motivation For This?

It may be purely economics; it makes sense to buy a battery that promises you more recharges before it goes dead and needs to be replaced. It also makes sense to compute whether or not you are saving money by taking a certain decision or that decision will result in you digging deeper into your pockets.

It may be for health reasons; people want to keep track of what they are consuming to avoid excesses. When they know how much they are consuming then they can work out a plan to possibly cut back until they get to a reasonable level.

How Have Manufacturers Responded?

Makers of electronic cigarettes and their accessories are not blind to this need to know the numbers. They have pounced upon this hunger and one is almost certain to hear a certain number touted in relation to each product that hits the market.

This volume of e-liquid is the equivalent of so many tobacco cigarettes. This battery will last through so many recharges. This portable charger can be used so many times before it needs to be recharged. And so on, and so forth.

Some of the numbers given may be close to the truth and others may be outright exaggerations given that each consumer differs from another so there cannot be a uniform usage pattern for all. It is therefore advisable to watch out when numbers are thrown about; and at the end of the day if you are having a good time, do the numbers really matter?

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2014-03-30 02:14:22

The obsession never goes away.

It's like its replaced.

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