What Attributes Do RBA Enthusiasts Have?

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2014-03-12 20:41:22

People are equipped with various aptitudes and that determines what they will enjoy and find easy to do, or what will give them hard time to master. In the world of electronic cigarettes there are a wide range of products available and these attract different kinds of people basing on the attributes that those individuals possess.

One of the e-cigarette specialties that have emerged is that of rebuildable atomizers, or RBAs. The normal atomizers are used in “as is” condition and once they stop working as expected then they are discarded and replaced with new ones.

RBAs are a totally different thing altogether. They are built from scratch by the user and the parts from which they are made can be taken apart so that newer components are used in the place of those that have become old. This gives the atomizer a new lease of life and it can be used for as long as the owner wishes. All he or she has to do is to keep replacing the parts that wear out.

You can see that this kind of equipment attracts a very specific kind of person and the following is a breakdown of the qualities of those that find RBAs attractive.

Hands-On Orientation. Are you the kind of person who will call a handyman each time something breaks down in your home or are you the type that will first tinker before calling in a technician?

RBAs attract people who love to tinker with things, to make things on their own. They are the do-it-yourselves. They take pride and derive a lot of pleasure from building something themselves and the satisfaction they get at the end of the task offsets any headaches they went through to get it done.

Patience And Determination. It takes a lot of patience to build an RBA, test it and then take it apart so that you can improve it. You need tons of determination in order to wrap one coil after another until it is perfectly done. Each part of the building process needs patience and determination so only those that have these attributes will enjoy such a task and do it over and over.

Manual Dexterity. Are you the clumsy type that cannot seem to hold anything steadily? Then steer clear of RBAs! To succeed at making these atomizers, you need to have deft hands such that you will find it a breeze to put each part exactly where it needs to be. You will also have a lower rate of sore hands from all the accidental bumps that more clumsy people fall prey to. In short, you must have nimble fingers and a good eye to use them well.

Do not despair when you see that you do not have the attributes above. Being good at making RBAs is a skill and like all skills, it can be learned by just about anyone. It may take you a little more time if you are not naturally inclined to that skill but you will acquire it nonetheless. Are you up for the challenge?


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