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2014-03-14 19:35:42

3 Things That Will Most Probably Be Known About E-Cigs In A few Years.

When electronic cigarettes were first introduced on the market, very little was known about them. In just a few short years it is arguable that what is known about e-cigs may be much more than what is known about the actual contents of tobacco ones!

That said, there is still a lot that is yet to be known about these e-cigarettes but as their sales shoot through the roof there is now more money in the hands of industry players to put into additional research. Here is a list of three things that will most likely get known about e-cigs in a few years to come.

Are they Addictive As Ordinary?

It is said that over a century, tobacco companies have developed all sorts of additives to ensure that whoever tries to smoke gets hooked onto cigarettes. As a result, it is very hard for one to break free of the habit once they get used to it.

When e-cigs are considered, it is clear that there are very few ingredients and nearly all are approved for use in domestic and pharmaceutical products. Users say they can freely switch from one nicotine strength level to another without getting the blues and that could eventually turn out in research findings as nicotine in e-cigs being less addictive than that in ordinaries, unless e-cig makers play the same tricks as Big Tobacco.

More Concrete Information On E-Cig Harmful Effects.

Today, it is generally known that e-cigs are 99% safer than tobacco smokes. That is largely due to e-cigs having fewer chemicals and carcinogenic compounds as compared to analogs.

However, there are still gaps in how much is known about short and long term effects of e-cigs and in a few years it is likely that there will be more definite information since there are cases of people that are reacting to PG while others report dry mouths. More definitive data will come on this matter as individual differences that cause reactions to these substances get isolated.

When that happens, do not be surprised to see a package that gives a list of side effects for people with various conditions or predispositions.

Discovery Of A Zero-Risk E-Cig.

Currently, levels of harm seem to arise out of random contents of e-cigs as well as from the materials out of which e-cig hardware is made.

This factor is opening a window for e-cigarette makers to carry out more research about how they can eliminate those sources of harm, one at a time. It may not be very long before an electronic cigarette that gets to a 99.9% safety level is released onto the market.

Indicators on the ground point to a more concrete understanding of electronic cigarettes in all aspects, especially the long term effects. As product development also gets to higher levels, chances are high that a dramatic improvement in the overall quality of the e-cigs on the market will result. At least that is what current trends are pointing to, and they are pointing to a much better future.


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