What Are Mods?

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2014-03-21 20:25:55

For those that have been reading many blog posts about electronic cigarettes, the term e-cig mod may have appeared several times in the material you have been reading. Those that have been using e-cigarettes for long may fully understand what the concept refers to but for those new to vaping, it may be a new word that they need to grasp.

This analysis is intended to break it down so that the broad term can be understood by all in the e-cig community, whether one is a newbie or a seasoned user of these devices.


The word mod is a short form of modification. As such, it refers to modifications that a person or e-cig manufacturer has made to the usual form of an electronic cigarette or one of its parts so that it can be improved in some way.

The word can also be used as a verb so it is correct in e-cig language to say you have just “modded” a battery or any other part of your device.

Why “mod”?

Basic electronic cigarettes are very good at reproducing the experience of smoking ordinary cigarettes in a way that drastically reduces the harm that one is exposing themselves to. However, experienced vapers find that the basic e-cigs lack something in the performance department so they begin to look for what elements they can tweak to rev up their device.

The first thing that saw adjustments or modification was the battery so that with more power going to the heating element, vapor quantity could be stepped up thereby giving a better quality throat hit.

From that point on, there was no limit as to what could be “modded”. It even moved away from improving performance to things like being unique in appearance.

Currently, there is very little need for one to mod on their own as manufacturers are making mods of different kinds in mass produced versions as well as the one-of-a-kind high-end mods that cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to own.


While it is not possible to break this down in detail, mods can generally be described as being mechanical mods or advanced PVs (personal vaporizers).

Whether mechanical or advanced PV, the modifications will invariably take the form of a tube (tubular mods) or they will look like a box.

This analysis will not go as far as describing in detail what mechanical mods are as opposed to advanced personal vaporizers. That would be giving new people too much to absorb all at once so those details will be handled in other discussions so that vapers can learn one thing at a time.

Mods refer to adaptations or changes that are made to vaping devices or their parts for better performance or aesthetics. There was a time when this was done by the enthusiastic vaper but e-cig makers jumped onto the boat so you need not sit in your yard with a toolbox in order to join the ranks of “modders” (people that use e-cig mods). You can now just keep an eye out for the latest mod to hit the market and buy it.



1 Comment
William K.
2014-03-29 23:03:59

Mine has a button, is that a mod?

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