Resistance is Not So Futile After All

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2014-04-03 14:30:59

Resistance is measured in ohms and refers to how much the electric current is impeded by an e-cig’s coil. Imagine you have a full glass of water and you cover half of the top of the glass with your hand while you try to pour it out. Now, imagine if you cover almost the entire top. Your hand is creating more resistance to the flow of the water when you cover more of the top of the glass. It will take much longer to empty the glass than if you only covered half of it. Resistance is also one component of e-cigs. There are low resistance and standard resistance e-cigs.

In the world of e-cigs, low resistance usually refers to coils that are 2 ohms or less. Less resistance means more vapor production because the less the resistance, the higher the temperature to which the e-liquid is heated and the more heat, the more vapor. Because of the increased heat, low resistance atomizers also put more strain on the battery. In fact, small batteries can actually be damaged by using low resistance coils. In addition, standard resistance atomizers have a longer useful life and will use less e-liquid.

E-liquid flavors can taste very different depending on whether one is using a low resistance or standard resistance coil. New vapers typically experiment with both using various e-liquids to see which e-liquids taste better with low resistance and which taste better with standard resistance. Throat hit can also be significantly different depending on resistance, with those who use low resistance coils claiming it results in better throat hit. Of course, cost is also an important consideration for some. Since low resistance coils do not last as long, one must replace them more often. Replacement coils do not cost that much though, so one must consider if a flavor tastes enough better with a low resistance coil to justify the small additional cost. Low resistance will also cost more because e-liquid gets used up more quickly, but, again, one must weigh the additional cost against the added benefit.

Personally, I prefer standard resistance. There is not an appreciable difference in taste with my favorite e-liquid when using a low resistance coil, and I go through them much more quickly than the standard resistance ones. I also found the additional e-liquid required for a low resistance coil to be pretty significant. Still, the issue is really one of personal preference, so experimentation is essential. Reviews can give guidelines, but you will never know which you prefer until you just try both.

There are two main types of resistance in e-cigs: low resistance and standard resistance. Low resistance, 2 ohms and under, may result in better flavor and throat hit for some e-liquids, but some will responds better to standard resistance, more than 2 ohms. Low resistance may wear down batteries and eat through e-liquid faster. Which resistance one prefers is highly subjective, but whichever one chooses as one’s favorite is sure to be irresistible.

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