The Gaping Hole In The “Normalizing Smoking” Argument

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2014-04-11 10:15:47

Ever since e-smokers hit the market, there has been opposition to them from several quarters. Very many arguments have been given; some of them make sense while others are downright, well, not so sensible (it is in order to avoid using certain words here!).

In this discussion, we shall shine a light on the argument that electronic cigarettes will normalize smoking of tobacco cigarettes. The proponents of this line of thinking say that so much has been done to show the community that smoking is bad. Their efforts, they say, have paid off and smoking is now viewed as a bad thing (despite millions taking up the habit each year).

When electronic cigarettes are allowed to be vaped, it will reverse the effects their anti-smoking efforts and the society will begin to look at smoking as acceptable once more. This, according to them, will be as a result of the close resemblance between smoking and using an e-cig. You cannot outlaw one and permit the other, they add.

The conclusion of their logic, if we can call it that, is that using e-cigs will normalize smoking ordinaries.

Many regulators and legislators have bought into this thinking and the list of places where the use of e-ciggies is not allowed where smoking is banned is growing by the day. Does this reasoning hold any water?

It is very clear to all who want to see it that e-cigarettes are very different from tobacco cigarettes. The many benefits of electronic cigarettes have been well documented just as the many dangers and fatalities resulting from tobacco cigarettes have been known for decades.

To say that using e-cigs will normalize ordinaries is to relate things that are very different. Let us look at a few cases to show how wrong this line of arguing is.

Look at golf carts and cars. We all know that golfers can ride in a cart as they do their thing on the green. Most of these golf courses are next to major roads and most motorists see these golfers in their carts. Has any motorist taken a ride through the golf course in their off roader or Mercedes Benz just because golf carts have normalized driving on golf courses? None of this has happened because people know the difference between a golf cart and a car!

It is wrong to say vaping will normalize smoking. Golf carts do not normalize driving on the golf course and in the same way the use of electronic cigarettes only normalizes e-cig use, not ordinary cigarette smoking. That argument cannot hold when logically examined.

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