What Is Wrong With Having Only One Product Line?

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2014-05-04 11:17:46

There is a vape shop somewhere in the US. The owner of this particular shop is a vaper himself and having sampled a few different products on the market, he came across one that so completely met his needs that he now sees no reason to keep trying other products that are introduced on the market.

That is a personal matter, one may be tempted to say, but, the story does not end there. When this good gentleman decided to open a vape shop, he took his personal inclination with him to the shop. He made a very resolute decision to stock only that product line that he uses and will not have anything else in the shop, for fear of “confusing customers with so many different products yet THAT one has proved to be adequate”.

That experience brought to mind Henry Ford and his Model T. He was so convinced about the merits of the colour black on the car that he declared that a customer could order it in any color he or she wished, as long as that colour was black! The fact that Ford cars are not the number one cars sold on the market today may be testament that the colour black was not good for everyone, or that the Model T wasn’t the ultimate car.

Back to the vape shop referred to earlier. What is wrong with this owner’s choice, after all it is his business! Several things are not right here.

Vaping=Variety. Vapers credit the wide options they have as one of the biggest attractions of electronic cigarettes. When you limit how much they can choose, it loses its luster and many will find their way back to analogs.

Refinement. Today, a certain model or product line may be very good but tomorrow another company can come up with a better product. When you close off the possibility of something good being bettered, you lose out on great products that come later. Refer to how far cell phones have come if you need convincing on this matter.

Personal Preference. It is a known fact that e-cig use is a very personal experience. What one person says is good may not cut it for another person. It is for this reason that it is not proper to restrict what people can access since not two people will want the same thing. It is therefore good for businesses to stock up on as many different brands and products as they can so that clients can find all they want under one roof.

It has been said that those who have sampled what e-cigs can do for them become so attached to their devices that they wonder how they managed to survive for so long without them.

However, it is not right to take your personal preferences to a business that is going to serve a diverse assortment of people. It is therefore wrong for all concerned when you stock only one product line. Variety is the spice of life (and business!).

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