How Can One Become A Model Vaper?

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2014-05-04 11:19:17

The electronic cigarette community has been having a good time, generally speaking, save for the bans that are being imposed in various jurisdictions as well as the misinformation that keeps showing up in various media.

Vapers seem to encounter these items of propaganda everywhere they turn but fortunately, vapers also seem to be everywhere so the battle seems to be evenly matched. That information battle can only be won when each e-cig user does all he or she can in order to become a model member of the community. How can this be done? Three things are needed.

Be Knowledgeable.

It is important that everyone that uses an electronic cigarette is in possession of all information about the e-cig industry. This is vital because if one has all the right information, it is very easy to point out when the media is propagating misinformation.

If you the individual can tell truth from lies, you can help those around you see the difference too and that will expose the media house that is circulating wrong information. When that happens, the media will lose its power to mislead the public since they will be in possession of correct information to counteract the wrong information sent out.

Spread Awareness.

Much as it is important to be knowledgeable, that alone will not make one a model member of the vaping community. One also needs to spread awareness about e-cigs by using their device in public, participating in discussions to dispel fears and rumours about electronic cigarettes, supporting the vape shop near you, as well as any other role that will promote vaping in the eyes of those that oppose them due to a lack of information.

Be Part Of The E-Cig Community.

There is power that comes from playing as a team. That is one huge bonus that vapers have over the media. While it is hard for the media to meet and agree on a smear campaign, it is possible for people that use e-cigs to rally together on forums, local vape meetings, umbrella groups, etc. in order to speak with a united voice on matters affecting them.

This collective voice will be the back up to the efforts that individuals put into spreading awareness and dispelling the lies of the media. Coming together will also help members of the electronic cigarette community share the latest developments in the industry as well as learn from each other about how certain challenges can be overcome.

When one takes part in community activities, they leave energized since they will have found people that think like they do and also shared new approaches to the current problems they face as vapers.

It is one thing to merely read about something and it is another thing altogether to actually see that thing. That is the difference that happens when members of the e-cig community take steps to become model members of the vaping world by showing those around them that vaping is not that terrible monster that detractors attempt to portray it as. Live the message and it will re-echo so loudly that doubters will be forced to accept the truth in what you say.


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