Toss Disposable E-cigarettes Aside

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2014-05-04 11:20:59

Are you afraid of commitment? If so, you may prefer disposable e-cigarettes to non-disposable ones. If you are not yet ready to ditch the disposables, there are a few factors that may change your mind. Disposable e-cigs are cheap and convenient, but end up costing more, have terrible batteries, taste badly, and cannot be customized.

Disposable e-cigs require less up-front investment, but cost more over time, especially when one considers hidden costs. One such cost is batteries that tend to fail quickly. I bought one that was supposed to last two days, but lasted no more than four hours. I bought another of the same brand thinking the first was just a dud, but it still did not last even one day. Of course, some of that may be due to differences in how I vape versus how others do (perhaps I take longer draws, etc.), but I would at least expect it to last half of the time the package claimed.

Also, even if disposable e-cig batteries lasted as long as they claim to, they still would end up costing much more than a non-disposable e-cig for long-term use. Batteries are the most expensive part of non-disposable e-cigs, but after trying around a bit to find a reliable battery, they last quite some time. I have two batteries I purchased over two years ago which are only now beginning to fail.

Of course, maybe I am better off for the disposable battery failing so quickly considering disposable e-cigs often taste worse than their non-disposable counterparts. There is less flavor selection, and disposable e-cigs are often only available in tobacco or menthol flavors. Tobacco e-liquid is not one of my favorites, but even so the tobacco e-liquids in tobacco-flavored disposable e-cigs seems to be of a lower quality than the tobacco-flavored e-liquids I have sampled in my non-disposable e-cig. I find the menthol-flavored disposable e-cigs far more palatable, but still prefer the menthol-flavored e-liquids I have used in my non-disposable e-cig. In addition, by buying e-liquid in larger quantities, now that I have experimented to find which flavors I like best, I can save even more money.

Furthermore, I can better customize my vaping experience using a non-disposable e-cig. Disposables are available in a few different nicotine concentrations, but the store from which I purchase them may not have the one I want in stock. It is also incredibly difficult to find a VG based disposable e-cig in my local area and, since I seem to be allergic to PG, this creates a large problem for me. If out of desperation and lack of planning I am forced to buy a disposable e-cig, I usually feel pretty terrible after vaping it due to the allergy.

There are many reasons to prefer non-disposables over disposable e-cigs. Disposable batteries do not last as long as they should. They cost more, taste terrible, and do not allow for customization. The only advantage of disposables is that there is no commitment. So, flirt with disposables all you want, but settle down with a nice non-disposable when you want a real relationship.


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