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2013-12-15 10:06:50

What Makes the Best E-Juices for Electronic Cigarettes?

For you to have the best experience when smoking electronic cigarettes, the best e-juices will be required. The truth is that there are a lot of companies across the globe that are manufacturing e-juices. However, not all such companies produce what smokers would term the best. In fact, each e-juice from a particular company will vary from others in several ways.

You may wonder what exactly makes the best e-liquid for electronic cigarettes, especially if you are new to this kind of smoking. You might, at some point, require some basic knowledge about electronic cigarettes so that you can recognize the best e-juices. The truth is that there are several things that make the best e-juices. These things are actually the components that make electronic cigarette smoking such a superb experience. To help you know the best e-liquid, here are things you should always be conscious of.


quality e-liquidFlavours

There is a great deal of flavours that smokers can choose from. E-juice flavours were introduced to help smokers escape the monotony of the traditional tobacco flavour they were used to.

Flavour is a key component of e-juices. Without flavour, e-cigarette smoking would not be fun at all. When choosing e-juices, be sure to go for a flavour that perfectly matches you.



There is a great difference between flavour and taste. A particular e-juice could be flavoured, but lack taste. E-juices must have the best taste in order to ensure that smoking is a great experience. At some point, you might require having some knowledge about e-liquids to choose the right taste. Note that the richness of e-liquid greatly depends on their taste and not their flavours. Be sure to go for the e-juice with the best flavour if you want enhances your electronic cigarette smoking experience.



This is certainly one of the key components of the best e-liquids. They should be designed in a way that the smoker can use them for a remarkably long time without them losing their quality or taste. Durability is most important to people who buy e-juices in bulk. Durable e-juices will ensure that users can spend a long time smoking electronic cigarettes and enjoying that authentic quality. However, you must be on the lookout for counterfeit e-juices since they may have a shorter lifespan. Always buy e-juices for electronic cigarettes from a credible dealer at



2013-12-17 06:15:02

I order e-cigs for my grandmother, who hates to use the internet for anything.  She used to smoke menthols exclusively.  She says the taste of the e-juice for menthols is very close to what she is used to, but would like to branch out a bit and try some different flavours.  Nan is an extra-dry martini kind of girl.  What flavour do you recommend?  Do you have a best seller?

2013-12-27 22:46:38

I’ve got to give a big thank you to e-ciggy for this fantastic range of products! I’m really feeling the freedom of not carrying the nasty odours any longer, especially around the kids which is obviously not what you want. It’s great for my peace of mind to know that second-hand smoke can’t harm them. I’d urge everyone to make it a permanent change!

2014-02-14 13:12:37

The best flavours are mint and vanilla. Simple but tasty.

2014-02-21 17:51:21

I like pineapple best. Just like a pina colada!

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