Best e-liquid for e-cigs

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2013-12-22 09:16:22

Best E-Liquid for Your Electronic Cigarette?

If electronic cigarettes are an indispensable part of your life, it helps to know that the secret to a great smoking experience lies in choosing a great e-juice. This is the fluid fuelling your e-cig, providing you with both a steady nicotine hit and a great flavour or you can smoke with non nicotine liquids. However, with so many choices today in e-liquids, how can you know which is the best one for you? Here are four basic principles to keep in mind when shopping around for the perfect e-juice.


best e juiceGreat Flavour

A great flavour satiates you and at the same time heightens your smoking experience making it the most important criteria for a good e-juice. And while ordinary cigarettes give you limited choices where menthol or the standard tobacco flavour are your only options, e-liquids go a step further. You can opt for all sorts of flavours – from earthy organic hints to sweet fruity flavours and even delicious flavours like coffee and chocolates; e-liquids allow you to choose a flavour that you enjoy the most. Ensure that when you pick a flavour, it comes with no artificial sweeteners and additives but instead has a more natural taste that is not too overwhelming for your palate after a few puffs.

Some of the flavours that you can pick are lemon, plum, peach, mango, cherry and grape. You can also try flavours such as champagne and brandy.


Good Throat Hit

Those who choose a higher nicotine concentration for their e-liquids will find e-cigs as satiating as an ordinary cigarette. The higher level of nicotine in such an e-juice will instantly provide a good throat hit. However, for light smokers who prefer a lower concentration of nicotine, it is important to know that in Australia is illegal to sell nicotine products ( doesn’t sell any nicotine liquids).


High Vapour Production

The more inhalable vapour an e-juice can produce, the better the smoking experience. Look for e-liquids that produce a thick, dense vapour with a rich consistency. This mimics to perfection the experience of smoking a traditional cigarette. The trick here is to experience the pleasures of smoking a cigarette through its electronic counterpart.


Lastly, make sure that you choose e-liquids that are high in quality and go through strict Quality Control checks. This ensures that the liquid will be tested for consistency, taste and overall production quality so that you get the very best product your money can buy. We suggest you Be confident!




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2013-12-28 04:44:40

Take it from me - when you’re used to it, it really can be as satisfying as having a cigarette, and I used to smoke a pack a day! It seemed impossible just a short while ago, but I’m starting not to miss cigarettes at all. One of the best decisions I’ve made in years! I’m trying to persuade all my friends who still smoke that there’s a better option out there for them. 

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