Will e-liquids increase your weight?

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2013-12-10 12:51:20

E-liquids and weight

Many new vapers are concerned about the effects of using electronic cigarettes on their weight. Of most concern is the liquid base that contains a varying mix of glycol and glycerin. These substances are known to have sugar contents so one may easily relate that base to possible weight gain.

The question again is, does the use of electronic cigarettes lead to weight gain? So far, the clear answer is no and we shall discuss the factors that contribute to this notion. We shall also examine the factors that could indirectly get you to add on a few kilos as a result of things that happen to your body.

e-liquids and weightHow much sugar is in e-liquid?

Not much research has gone into this matter, but some keen individuals have made their own deductions and estimate that the amount of sugar that is in a 20ml bottle of e-juice is less than that found in half of a teaspoon of sugar.

This is a very small amount of sugar, considering that a bottle of electronic liquid can last much more than a month, depending on how heavily one vapes. If your weight is to be affected, then other factors may be the culprits, not the e-liquid.

What factors should one watch out for?

Your taste buds. It is a known fact that the sense of taste deteriorates the longer one smokes tobacco cigarettes. This results in the inability to enjoy food and many smokers report eating very little. When they switch to e-cigarettes, they notice an almost immediate change for the better in their taste buds and this brings a better enjoyment of food.

Could this improved sense of taste affect your weight? This is likely to happen given the fact that you are more likely to get a second helping of food if that food tastes much better than it previously did. In the long run, you may not notice it but the reality will be that you are eating much more than you used to so that can inevitably lead you to add on a few kilos.

Your sense of smell. Another improvement reported by former ordinary smokers that have switched to vaping is in their sense of smell. Aromas hit them more strongly and that may result in more eagerness to eat.

That is a good thing because our bodies need nourishment to thrive and keep functional. To keep your weight within the bounds you consider acceptable to you, you must always watch what you eat and all will be well.

As seen in the foregoing, there is no direct link between e-cigs and weight gain. What happens is that your body improves so much from the condition it was in while you were smoking ordinary cigarettes. This improvement leads to a keener sense of taste and smell, as well as a reversal of the appetite suppression done by tobacco cigarettes. Food tastes and smells better so if you do not pay attention to the quality of what you eat, you will put on weight, just like any other person that eats anything that comes their way.




1 Comment
2013-12-28 04:35:49

All the flavours that I’ve tried (like coffee and chocolate) have been really nice. Definitely better than cigarette flavour! I’d recommend trying a few out at first to see which ones you like and think you can stick with. Anythings worth it to come off the cigs in the long term.

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