Ego e-cigarette instructions

2013-12-12 12:34:18

How to Use an eGo E-Cigarette Starter Kit?



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The batteries that come with the kit are going to be only half charged. This means that the first time they are charged it is going to take them no more than an hour to be fully charged. This E-Cigarette Starter Kit has the ability for the battery to be cut off. To turn on the battery you have to press the manual button five times within two seconds. This system makes sure that the device is not accidently operated while it is being worn. You should never leave the battery in hot and wet conditions. Furthermore, if it is dropped damage can occur.





In order to charge the battery the battery has to be charged using a USB charger. The USB charger can be plugged into an AC Charger for wall charging or connected to your computer. Depending on how charged the battery is it can take as little as an hour to fully charge or as long as three hours. When the battery first starts to charge you will notice the battery will blink a few times. The USB module is also going to be red to indicate the battery is charging. Once the battery is, 100% charged the light would turn green.

 CE4 refilling

How to Use the Electronic Cigarette


First, you want to make sure that the Clearomizer has been filled with e-liquid and is screwed unto the battery. The battery should be on. Once the first steps have been completed, proceed to hold the battery on while you inhale at the same time. Once you inhale, remove your finger from the button. It is suggested that you pause between inhalations so the Clearomizer will not overheat.

Important: E-liquids are not to be consumed directly.


2013-12-17 11:51:02

I am naturally adventurous. I started smoking at 19 and in my time, I have smoked tobacco cigarettes, chewed tobacco and smoked a pipe. It was therefore only natural that when electronic cigarettes came onto the market I had to try them too. I gave them three days of exclusive possession of my lungs but what immediately struck me was the fact that even when I had just pulled on it, my normally quarrelsome co-worker never complained about ‘cigarette smokers and their stench’. I took it as coincidence but when my clothes still smelt fresh at the end of the day, I knew I was onto something. I investigated what the benefits of electronic cigarettes were and discovered my co-worker was silent because there was nothing to complain about. The long and short of my story is that my days of changing from this to that are gone and I am totally hooked onto e-cigarettes. I only switch between flavours and cartridge types!

Jennifer B
2014-02-13 14:07:29

It's hard to pick one flavour... what's your fave?

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