Taking care of your battery

2014-02-07 14:40:58

Get Quality Tips on How to Take Care of Your Electronic Cigarette's Battery

E-cigarettes are composed of different parts. The parts do different functions in conjunction with one another to ensure that smokers get fully satisfied and enjoy the smoking experience. The parts include the battery, the atomizer, the cartomizer, and the cartridge. These parts have to be maintained properly and accordingly in order to increase the cigarette’s lifespan. In order to increase the lifespan of the battery for your e-cigarette, the following points must be observed.


e-cigarette baterryCalibration

The battery for an electronic cigarette should be fully charged for a maximum of 8 hours if it’s being used for the first time. This is to make sure that the battery attains its full charging capacity. Failure to do this could result in the battery’s lifespan reduction or failing to charge fully or failing to store charge for a longer period of time. Besides this, the battery should be calibrated after every 30 charge cycles.



All e-cigs contain batteries of different capacities. However, this does not mean that cleaning is different. The battery’s contacts should be cleaned with a piece of cotton swab dipped in alcohol. This is to allow easy flow of charge between the battery and the cartridge. Doing this regularly yields maximum vaping experience and continued enjoyment of the cigarette.


Don’t Leave the Battery in a Discharged Condition for a Long Time

Leaving the battery in this condition may lead to total battery malfunction, or failure to charge and store the charge to its full capacity. Always ensure that you charge the batteries for the e-ciggy at least once a week even if they are not in use.


Avoid Leaving the Battery on the Power Source for a Long Time

All batteries for electronic cigarettes should be withdrawn from the power source immediately after they are fully charged. Overcharging the battery could lead to malfunctions or even the battery’s total failure.



Samantha Anderson
2014-02-11 17:38:48

You need to clean things regularly. Helps the overall performance of your ecig.

2014-02-16 06:12:26

I unplug after a full charge. Your battery needs to get used to going up and down. You should let it lose total power.

2014-02-19 14:47:54

I'd avoid overcharging. Like with any rechargeable unit, it won't help it sustain charge over a long period of time. Food for thought, you know? -BB

Smarty McFly
2014-02-21 17:29:21

Don't forget to clean things or your unit will get bad fast. 

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