Maintenance of e-cigarettes

2014-02-10 17:27:48

Tips on How to Maintain Different Parts of an Electronic Cigarette

Maintenance of e-cigarettes is essential in improving their performance and making it last longer. The cigarette contains four different parts that need to be maintained and cleaned properly: the battery, the atomizer, the cartridge, and the charger. These parts need to be cleaned periodically in order to gain an optimum smoking experience. Cleaning of all parts once a week is recommended. Unfortunately, this direction is ignored by many users. This leads mostly to a poor vaping experience and malfunctions of these parts. To all users, below is a guideline on how to maintain the battery, the cartridge, and the atomizer of e-ciggies.


cleaningMaintaining the E-Cig Battery

E-cigs usually contain a lithium battery that needs to be maintained. Cleaning all the parts of the battery that come into contact with other parts by using a cotton wool swab dipped in a glass of alcohol is recommended. This should be done once a week to avoid formation of a corrosion material on the battery.

It is also advisable to use the battery for electronic cigarettes until all the charge is depleted before recharging it. This increases the lifespan of the battery.


Cleaning the Atomizer

The threaded ends of the atomizers of e-cigarettes should be cleaned with a piece of cotton that has been dipped in alcohol. Furthermore, a piece of tissue paper should also be used to wipe the residue of the e-liquid, which might have been left within the atomizer. You should also blow the cone shaped end of the atomizer to blow away any remainder of the e-liquid residue.


The Cartridge

All e-ciggies that come with refillable cartridges should be cleaned externally for sanitary reasons. The cleaning should be done using a cotton piece swab dipped in alcohol. When the white fiber in the cartridge wears out, it should be disposed as this is a sign that it won’t hold as much e-liquid as it should.



Embiid Joel
2014-02-11 14:44:05

You have to keep things cleaned because it can easily get gross and ruin your ecig. Simple things to do, but you must keep it up.

2014-02-16 06:09:43

I clean mine at least once a week. It's just a healthy habit to get into.

michy eller
2014-02-19 14:25:09

It's pretty delicious. one of the best things I've ever smoked in my life. 

2014-02-21 17:33:23

Cartridges? Is it a printer or what?

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