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E-cigarettes are battery operated and are an alternative to conventional cigarettes. The e-cigarette consists of an atomizer which vaporizes the liquid, a cartridge containing the e-liquid, and a battery. The smoker gets the effect of smoking without the harmful side effects of conventional cigarettes and without tobacco and tar. Also, there is no yellowing of the teeth or bad breath!


The various components of an e-cigarette are explained below:


1. Cartridge

This is a plastic container that has openings on each end which serves as a liquid reservoir and mouthpiece at the same time. It allows for the passing of liquid to the atomizer and also vapours from the atomizer back to the user. The e-liquid can be replaced with a pre-filled cartridge and some models also allow for e-liquid to be topped up with e-liquid re-fills so there is no need for cartridges.  The atomizer has a heating coil which vaporizes the liquid, and consists of a wicking metal mesh and filament to take the liquid inside. The cartridge is attached to one end and power unit to the other end.


2. Battery

The portable power unit contains a battery which is rechargeable and it is the largest part of the cigarette. It contains an electronic airflow sensor that activates by drawing breath through the cigarette. These are usually charged via USB, an AC outlet or in your car charger.


3. Liquid

The liquid for producing vapour is known as e-juice or e-liquid, which is a solution of vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, and polyethylene glycol 400. It is mixed with flavours. They are sold in pre-filled disposable cartridges and in individual re-filling containers to top up your e-liquid (depending on your model of starter kit)?. E-cigarettes come in many flavours including: tobacco, vanilla, coffee, different types of fruit, and cola.



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