It’s one for those who believe in sweet indulgences of the fruity kind. The lush creaminess of vanilla, a great flavour that is, loved and eaten in many forms by all, is captured in its luscious form in this flavour. Wholly gratifying, and mouth-watering in its taste-it leaves you feeling the comfort of sweetness and the warmth of the tropical breeze on your skin.

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Disposables definitely have a firm place in the e-smoking market and there are many good reasons for people to buy them.


electronic cigarette disposablesA disposable is a great idea for those people considering a switch from tobacco ones. The initial outlay may be preventing them from switching, but a disposable gives them the opportunity to give them a try to see if they think they could make the switch.


Disposables are more cost effective for those people who only smoke occasionally, or are social smokers; these people may only want something disposable they can take into a bar or club as they could potentially lose it.


They are also a good way for people who own reusable e-cigs to try out a new brand; they can be sure they enjoy it before committing to purchasing them in bulk.


Disposable e-ciggiess also make great convenience items. They are ideal for people who have accidentally left their reusable e-cig at home, or for those who are out and the batteries have run down on their reusable e-cig and they to need to pick one up quickly; this is now easy as disposables are now sold at



Some benefits of disposable 

There are many benefits of disposables including all of the following:

  •          They are very easy to use and no assembly is required
  •          They are convenient as they can be transported in a small package which makes them easy to carry around
  •          They come fully charged and ready to use
  •          They will last longer than a reusable battery and cartridge (this varies but on average they will last for approximately 400 - 500 puffs which equates to a packet and a half to two packets of tobacco ones)
  •          They are automatic and there is no on/off switch making them very user-friendly to use
  •          They look like tobacco ones in the way they are purchased and smoked which does appeal to many people new to e-smoking
  •          There is no need to replace batteries or cartridges as they are disposable
  •          As the units are disposable, it is not such a worry if one is lost


Disposables are great for potential e-smokers as they provide them with the opportunity to try one out before committing to spending money on lots of equipment. For people who enjoy e-cigarettes as part of their lifestyle, then a rechargeable e-ciggy is going to be more cost effective. However, for those where cost is not an issue but convenience is, then an e-cig disposable is a great choice as there is no need to worry about charging the battery or buying refills.


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    Title : NICE
    Comment : Reminds me of my grandpa smoking when I was little.. in a good way. The best tasting one I've tried to date.

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