This flavour was designed for those who appreciate strawberry flavour. The Beatle’s wrote a song about it and there are festivals devoted to it. This strawberry flavour will not disappoint the homage many have paid to it as it blends to create a lip-smacking, silky taste. The zest of strawberry should not just be enjoyed in-season, and now it doesn’t have to be.

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Many celebrities now enjoying e-cigs

More and more celebrities have been spotted out with their e-cigarettes. Some of the more well-known celebrities who have been seen include Leonardo Di Caprio, Kate Moss and Brittany Spears. Johnny Depp is also seen smoking an e-cig in the film 'The Tourist'. All this positive press which shows these well-known celebrities smoking them has helped to transform it into a fashionable alternative to smoking traditional tobacco ones.

e cig disposable in AustraliaThey have become fashion statements

Many of them are now designed to look so stylish that they are viewed as a fashion accessory. They can now be purchased in multiple colours, they can be personalised and include a range of different accessories. An individual is able to choose from many different designs and colour combinations to reflect their personality and make a bold fashion statement. Some of them are even able to emit a coloured mist and have LED lights in different colours.


Why have they become so popular?

E-cigs have definitely become much more popular in recent years. Listed below are some of the possible reasons for this:


A good reason could be that they have dropped in price and they are now much more economical to purchase than traditional tobacco ones.


They are also considered to be a much healthier alternative to traditional tobacco ones as they don't contain any tar or emit any smoke; it is therefore thought that the risk of passive smoking is eliminated. As well as this, the offensive smell that sticks to a person's clothes, hair and other items they come into contact with when they smoke tobacco cigs is also removed.


Another reason they have become so popular could be that unlike tobacco ones, it is currently legal to smoke them in some places.

With e-cigs it is also possible for a person to choose a whole variety of different flavours including fruits, mint, chocolate and many more; this also adds to their overall appeal all the flavours are available at


What was a small industry a few years ago is now a booming business which is set to continue expanding. As the popularity of e-ciggies increases, the time is right to become an e-smoker or switch from tobacco to e-ciggies. Nobody can be sure exactly where the industry is headed when it comes to health and safety and other regulations, but for now, more and more people are turning to them and are enjoying the many positives they bring.


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    Comment : Has anyone tried this? I'm interested, but would like to try something outside of vanilla.

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