eGo-W 1100 Starter Kit

The e-Go-W 1100 starter kit is the perfect kit. It allows for quick access anytime, anywhere. The e-Go-W has a battery that can be turned off. This allows for saving the battery use when you are actually using the e-cigarette. This also protects against the e-cigarette being on by accident. The starter kit comes with two pen e-cigs, clearomizers, shells, tips along with e-liquid.

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What’s inside your eGo-W Starter Kit?

  • 2 x 1100mAh eGo-W 
  • 2 x eGo-W clearomizers 
  • 2 Clearomizer shells and tips
  • 1 x User manual 
  • 1 x Australian plug 
  • 1 x USB charger 
  • 1 x 10 ml bottle 


instructions for locking a battery




The smoking alternative to tobacco cigarettes

You have probably heard a lot in the news lately about them. Many individuals are now starting to buy it, including Australia customers. If you too want to try this trendy new smoking alternative product, here’s what you need to do:


e cigarette ego-W starter kitGet an e-cigarette starter kit

When Australian customers chose to buy them, they usually first buy what is called a starter kit. The e-cig starter kit contains all that the new user needs to start enjoying smoking. It will have two rechargeable ion batteries (which is what powers an electronic device), charger to recharge the batteries so you won’t have to buy it separately.

Some of the kits include a carrying case to keep your items safe and secure, and the main part of the e-ciggy that makes it possible to smoke it – the atomizer or cartomizer. And of course a starter kit will include five or more flavour cartridges for e-liquid which can come in many flavours such as tobacco, menthol, mint, fruit, bubble gum, chocolate, vanilla and many more.

This piece is what holds the e-liquid that give an e-cig its taste and its vapour like smoke that simulates the smoke of a tobacco, but is merely water vapour heated up in the e-cig when the user inhales on it. Most e-cigs have a glowing LED red light at the end that makes it look like a regular tobacco when the user inhales, but unlike a tobacco, you don’t have to worry about yukky ashes or burning something up or getting sticky tar on your fingers because e-ciggies have none of these unwanted qualities.



ego-W instructions


What is an e-juice?

It is made of water, flavouring, a level of nicotine from zero to the same amount in a regular tobacco, along with propylene glycol, which is what produces the vapour. Propylene glycol is considered safe for humans per the Food and Drug Administration (USA) and is already in things like food colouring and additives, and even appears in some brands of toothpaste. It is also the same stuff fireman use in fake smoke machines or that you see in nightclubs or bars.

Some brands of electronic cigarettes allow smokers to mix their own versions of e-juice and refill the chambers, while some brands you just throw away the flavour cartridge when it gets empty and purchase a new one. It all depends on what the user desires to do or if they want to save money or have the convenience of having already filled flavour cartridges.



Customers like the advantages of them, such as the fact that they don’t produce second hand smoke, which makes them more socially acceptable. Regular cigs also cause fires, and electronic devices have no real fire or messy ashes. And no more yellowish coloured teeth since they don’t have tar either. Plus, there is no waste because users can take anywhere from one puff on an e-ciggy to hundreds of puffs and just turn the electric cigarette off if they are done. That means smokers save their money because they don’t have to throw away a partly used product.

These advantages are some of the reasons for consumers and why they are choosing these alternative smoking devices over regular tobacco ones. Plus, these ecigs are sometimes more accepted in places like a restaurant or some airports or other areas where they won’t allow smoking a traditional tobacco product. That makes it possible to enjoy a smoking experience in more places, which makes customers very happy indeed.

All in all, all of these facts give smokers a reason to get an e-ciggy all over the world, including Australian users. So, if you are interested in joining in this trendy and popular experience, then look at the various kinds of e-cigs and make up your mind today!


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    By on 28 July 2014 :

    Title : I recommend to all;)
    Comment : 100% recommend it. The battery is good and nothing is leaking. This is my the best order! I got it 2 weeks ago and I haven’t any problems with it.

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    By :

    The customer has rated the product but has not posted a review, or the review is pending moderation

    By on 04 Apr. 2014 :

    Title : great options.
    Comment : The black one is pretty cool. I loved it so much I bought a silver one too. I need one in every color!

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    By on 09 March 2014 :

    Title : SILVER!
    Comment : Love the unit in silver. Super chic.

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    By on 27 Feb. 2014 :

    Title : --
    Comment : I like this stuff... can't quite pinpoint why it's that much better, but wow. What a quality difference.

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    By on 18 Feb. 2014 :

    Title : not bad
    Comment : Black sets look best. Mine was great. Getting a new one next week. Wahoo!!!!!

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    By on 02 Feb. 2014 :

    Title : EASY!!!!!
    Comment : Easy to handle. Not a bad deal at all for $64.

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