The Win E-Liquid Tobacco Flavour fuses with senses and produces the real time smoking effect. This minimises the urge to have a real tobacco cigarette. Out of all the different flavours available in an e-liquid form, some days you just want the taste of plain old tobacco, with nothing fancy added.

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5 things you may not know about e-cigarettes

Listed below are 5 interesting facts about them that many people may not be aware of:

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1. They do not contain any tobacco

They are considered to be a safer way as they not contain any tobacco that needs to be combusted to be inhaled. They contain liquid which is heated up and vaporized and this vapour.


2. You don't need a match or a lighter to use an e-ciggy
They have been designed to look just like traditional ones, however, no match or lighter is need to use them as they do not need to be lit. Instead, they are powered by a small battery which works to heat up a liquid and change it into a vapour.


3. The 'smoke' produced by e-ciggies is vapour and not smoke

They do not produce any smoke, only a watery vapour. They are powered by a small battery which enables an atomizer to heat up a liquid solution containing nicotine or non-nicotine juice. This solution is turned into vapour, which is then inhaled and exhaled in the same way tobacco smoke is. This vapour isn't smoke as no burning takes place as it does with tobacco ones and vapour produced is mainly made up of water.


4. It is possible to experience a different flavour of e-ciggy everyday

E-cigs come in a whole multitude of different flavours, providing e-smokers with a huge choice. With traditional tobacco smoking, there are only 2 flavours available; tobacco or menthol. With ones flavour choices are endless, there is a huge range including mint, chocolate, coffee, pink bubble gum as well as fruit flavours such as apple, cherry, peach, blueberry and watermelon.


5. It is possible to control the amount of nicotine

An e-cigarette can contain more, less or as much nicotine as a traditional tobacco one. This is because the amount of nicotine is dependent on the strength of the cartridge contained within it. It is possible for e-smokers to choose cartridges containing nicotine in varying strengths; some contain the same amount as a tobacco one while others contain the same amount as a light one. Please note that our e-cig shop does not sell any products which contain nicotine as in Australia it is illegal to sell it.


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