It was originated with the original spearmint flower in mind and thus became a crown of refreshing flavour. Cooling, smooth, and well-known, E-liquid Spearmint is satisfying in the same way as that first cup of coffee hitting just the right spot. You’ll enjoy it as a tasty compliment to an active lifestyle or relaxing poolside equally. Pair it with a light breeze and you’ll be living large.


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Best Storage of E-Liquids

Quite a good number of people who smoke electronic cigarettes find it better to buy e-liquids in bulk. It is a good idea since e-liquids go at lower prices when bought in bulk. You can save a lot of time that would otherwise have been wasted buying e-liquids from dealers each and every time.

Before you decide to buy e-liquids in bulk, it is important to first establish if you have the proper means of storage. This is because proper storage of e-liquids is very important in ensuring the best smoking experience. As time goes, e-liquids might lose their freshness and become stale if not properly stored. It would be best to avoid buying e-juice in bulk if you have a problem with storage facilities. The following are some of the best ways to store e-liquids.

Keep Away from Light

It has been proven that the taste of e-liquids is greatly affected by high light intensity. High light intensity will also go a long way in degrading the quality of the e-liquids. This means that you will not have fun smoking your Aussie e-cigs. In this regard, it is recommended that you store e-juices in a dark place for quality maintenance.

Low Temperature

Just like high light intensity, high temperature is a major contributor to degradation of e-liquid quality. Manufacturers recommend that you should store e-liquids in places with low temperature.

High temperature slows down the oxidation process that takes place in the e-liquids. Note that oxidation and other reactions that e-liquids undergo are important in quality maintenance. In addition, high temperature affects the freshness of e-liquids.

The best way to ensure that e-liquids are stored in the right temperature is keeping them in a refrigerator. You can also store e-liquids in a medicine cabinet or in the basement. This will not only ensure that e-juice are kept cold, but will also help in keeping them in a dark environment.

Keep Products Separately

You can opt to buy different ingredients at once. If this is the case, you should ensure that they are not stored together. To ensure freshness, it would be the best idea not to mix them unless you will be using them. Be sure to store the base and the flavours of e-liquids separately.

With the above tips on e-liquid storage, smoking electronic cigarettes will be a great experience.



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