Strong, sweet, familiar - E-liquid Cherry is a flavour clone of the red fruit that always has you wanting more. Growing up, you always wanted a dozen cherries to go with your Shirley Temple, and now you have a near limitless supply in this E-liquid. It will satisfy the kid in you, in a very adult way. Enjoy E-liquid Cherry and savour childhood.

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Facts about E-liquids

To get the maximum experience out of your electronic cigarettes, there are certain facts that you must know about e-liquids. 

Quality E-liquids

While it is fantastic to save some money on e-liquids, be wary of extremely cheap e-liquids. They are not made of pure ingredients and you do not know the exact ingredients of the e-liquids. Using them could potentially harm your body in the long run. Do not risk it and go for cheaper brands. They can even clog up the e-cigs and cause more work and maintenance for users. Saving a few bucks for such trouble is definitely not worth it. Do your research and purchase e-liquids of quality flavourings and ingredients. The brands should be approved for their highest and purest standards.

Mixing for E-liquids

There may be a misconception that mixing the e-liquids will bring about a better electronic smoking experience. However, this common notion is not true. With so many flavours on the market, there is no reason to mix the flavours of different e-juice. Mixing them will reduce the strength of certain flavours. In certain cases, mixing them may increase the flavour of the e-liquids by too much. When several flavours are combined, the original flavour completely disappears, which will ruin the entire experience. Chemical reactions may also occur when users combine several e-liquids together. It may spoil them with the chemical reactions. For those who are looking to concoct their desired e-liquid flavour and taste, it would be best to leave the mixing to professionals for the best vaping experience.

Bulk Purchase

Some heavy smokers may purchase their e-liquids for e-cigs in bulk. However, it is important to have proper storage of the bottles. Though bulk purchases can be the economical option, it is crucial to remember that e-ciggy liquids do not last forever. The general shelf life of the e-liquids is two years. Though they can be used after two years, users may find that the e-liquids are working fine, but have degraded greatly in terms of flavour and quality. Store your products in dark glass bottles instead of plastic bottles if you are thinking of long term storage. Dark shaded bottles will prevent the light from entering, keeping the e-liquids fresh to use. Plastic bottles can be good for short term usage, but the e-liquids will turn bad if the sunlight shines through the bottle.




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